Dire Straits

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is blasting through the speakers right now.... I love that CD. This one is a live album but I still can't find my 'best of' CD :(

Anyways... While I was checking the rough edit of the BME scrapbook I suddenly noticed my GFX on page 296. Awsome... I'll need to reserve me some copies when presales open.

I'm off to have some food now, guess I'll have salmon and chinese mie (I doubt it's the correct english name, but what the heck) and I noticed that Movable Type 2.5 has been released. I already got an upgrade copy, but won't be upgrading in the next week. I wanna check out if bugs and fixes will turn up in next days, and then get a new copy at once. Besides, I'll have to hack up the templates again since I did modify quite a lot in the ones I'm using right now, and I don't feel like doing it today. Maybe during the weekend.

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Strange..... I landed on your page by accident and would you believe that I too have a Dire Straits Live album entry on my blog this week??

Perhaps we are psychically connected.
Perhaps we just dig good music.


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