Could it be true?

Today I received a letter stating that I sold 1285 shares at a price of € 0.73, while I only bought them 5 days ago at € 0.48. Yes, that would actually mean I made a profit on them, even while taking all costs into account.

What's even better.... the JDSU stock I bought about 2 or 3 weeks ago for USD 2.06 a share, was sold today at USD 2.49. Yes, again I made a profit. I'm wondering if I finally understand how the stockmarket works?

Sure, it's not 25 percent net I make on those purchase/sales, but it does add up nicely. If I can do it a few more times this year, I might still reach the goal (amount of cash in a savingsaccount) I've set earlier.

Note : I fixed some minor bugs in this post. However, the content itself has not been altered.

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