Waking up this morning was caused by David calling me. I'm glad he called, as he was trying to open some file with a weird extension (.tsv) - well, I couldn't connect it to a program anyway, so I gave him some first aid basic advice - and when I left my apartement, I ran into the person who's responsible for the building.

I chatted with him for a short while, and it turns out the insurance company has kicked us out for waterdamage coz there was a small leak in the roof. What kind of crap do they think they're pulling? Anyway, that probably means the complete roof has to be repaired or replaced and it's gonna cost me quite a lot.

Went off to pick up Suzana, and when I pulled into the gas station some hot lady asked if I didn't remember her. I was completely unaware that I knew her at all, but that could be due to some factors : I wasn't totally awake yet, and she looked quite different since the last time I saw her, about 4 years ago. That's how I got to chat for a while with Jessica, who is an old colleague of mine. We exchanged business cards and off we both went. Pretty bizarre coincidence though, as I usually don't stop at that station, and neither does she.

Arrived at the office and suddenly David tells me I got a meeting with a potential customer that has been having some PC related questions and is looking for solutions. Nice to know that in advance... but since I didn't I just left right away and arrived in time. I think we'll be able to help the customer out in a fair and honest way.

I'm also trying to tie up some loose ends of a project we finished, and when that's all done, we're all set for new things. It's a good feeling to be able to wrap up things, and finalize projects.

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