BugBear doing the rounds

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It seems a new virus (well, not that new anymore now) has hit mailservers. BugBear is spreading fast, and infecting computers all over the globe. It's also capable to 'infect' printers, resulting in lots of wasted pages.

However, protection has been available since september 30th (afternoon) and the worm itself attempts to exploit a MIME and an IFRAME vulnerability in some versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer. These vulnerabilities allow an executable attachment to run automatically, even if you do not double-click on the attachment. Microsoft has issued a patch which secures against these attacks. The patch can be downloaded from Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-027. (This patch was released to fix a number of vulnerabilities in Microsoft's software, including the ones exploited by this worm.)

In case you are infected by BugBear I suggest you download the standalone Sophos BugBear disinfection tool here (Be advised, this is a direct link, resulting in an exe file being downloaded immediately. In case you'd like to read some more information in advance, check here).

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My Dad got hit and it mailed itself to me. He was away for a week so his anti-virus software wasn't being updated (naturally since the computer was off). He updated it as soon as he got home but not before picking up three viruses and mailing them on. Those little buggers are fast. Luckily I'm with a great hosting company and the virus was stripped before it ever made it to my inbox but still, gave me a chance to tell off my Father and be all smug *grin*

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