Bodypiercing Documentary (Vitaya)

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I never ever watch Vitaya (a television station) but since some woman whom I met at the tattoo studio on saturday told me that there was a documentary on about bodypiercing, I switched channels. Actually, the show is still running for a few more days so I suggest everyone interested in it to check it out. I'll list broadcast details at the end of this post.

When the program started, I didn't really have any idea what to expect. After all, there are various ways you can approach a topic like piercing, and none of the ways would be untrue. However, it seems the production team chose not to focus so much on the 'mainstreamed' piercings, but rather on the people and how they experience the spiritual effects of lesser practiced piercings.

I was very glad that a very large part of the show had information about suspensions, the O-kee-pa and even some info about the sundance. All in all a very very interesting show, wether or not you are into, or interested in bodymodifiation.

Nowhere during or after the program there were people saying that this is abuse of the body, that it is bad, or that western people are 'stealing' the culture of other races. The only thing the program offered was an insight on how western people get involved into it, and how other races and tribes - who have been doing bodymodifications for a much longer time - grow more distant of it. Everyone has to think about what they (can) learn from the documentary.

I have not learned anything that can be measured (direct useable knowledge), although I have once more gotten a (better?) insight to how bodymodification is looked upon, and what it can mean. I know - and this is something that I've been feeling for the past months - that I am definately not ready to do a suspension myself, even if I had the chance. I am simply too scared, and I don't know how I would react when I'm lifted off the ground. I always want to be in control of things, and letting go, clearing your mind is something that I either can't, or will not allow to happen at this point in my life.

Broadcasting schedule (for the documentary on bodypiercing @ Vitaya) :

- Monday 28th : 06h00, 13h00 & 20h00
- Tuesday 29th : 03h00, 10h00 & 17h00
- Wednesday 30th : 00h00, 07h00 & 14h00

1 Comment

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