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I'm still at the office, as we're having a 'after-working-day' meeting with some of our technicians. I'm not very happy about this late meeting, but I don't really mind it today either. It's been very very hectic, and tonight is really enjoyable... I almost forgot how to experience silence and quiet.

While David is having the meeting, I'm finishing the preparation of one of a notebook for one of the techs who needs a replacement. I'll be done in about 30 minutes, and if we both planned right, the boss should be done as well. Then I can swap the old notebook with an even older model and we're done for the day.

It's so weird... the less I sleep, the less I mind long days at the office. Maybe I should try sleeping only 3 hours tonight, instead of the 4 I did last night. Lol...


At least you get to go home. Boyd was at the office programming so late last night that he didn't even bother, just curled up in his sleeping bag. Of course he works 100km away from where we live.

Lol... I work about 80 km away from home :) But I do understand why he slept over. It's not such a good idea to drive for nearly an hour when you're too tired.

I found out yesterday evening that he actually slept at a coworkers house. So I stopped being sympathetic :-D

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