Working overtime

Working nine to five, etc etc and jabbadibi and jabbadiba... it's been a long time since I pulled a 9 to 5 working day. I'm still at the office, but at the new one (upstairs). I've been able to finish the network and was able to solve some technical difficulties I ran into with the help of Glenn.

Each new desk has current, network connection and almost every cable has been tucked away in a professional manner. We'll be moving tomorrow I think, and I'm sure more slight difficulites will pop up, but we'll tackle them as well.

Hans is still working on the dispatching for tomorrow, and today we got a new assignment from our customer, adding another 300 calls and interventions to our list. I really don't mind it, but the constant pressure starts to have it's toll. I hope to be leaving around 20h00 today, so I'll be home around 21h00. But hey... I got a small message from Ash, so I'm off to read that now! Chill & talk/write/rant to you all later on!

Note : Alex is back from the hospital after he fell down last night. Joco send me a mail stating that the doctors said Alex wouldn't get as weird as his dad. I don't believe them... after all, Alex is 50 percent Joco and 50 percent Eef. And both are goofballs :)

I'm gonna go outside now, and enjoy the evening on the terrace of the office. After all, it's been enough for the day, and I'll be close enough to help out Hans should he run into an IT related problem. Which reminds me : HP printers absolutely suck ass! If I have something to say in it, no more HP printers for this company!

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