Hey Ash and Shelley : you are both correct... I know they need the attention and last night I got a call from Joco & Eef who asked me to come over, but there was one condition : afterwards I had to head home and give the ferrets some quality time. And that's exactly what they got!

They've been jumping and playing around for nearly 2 hours, although Bono was tired after about an hour and went back to his cage to snooze. BTW Ashley, they don't talk "week week ork" or so, it sounds like "mok mok", but I'm sure they understood what you said.

I've finished the technical side of the move, every desk and workplace is connected to the internet, telephones are up and running again and everyone is able to got at it at full force again. Phew... and I was done around 12h30, so that's pretty close to the estimate I gave David (I initially told him it would take till 12h00 before everything was done).

I'm upstairs now, and my desk looks even looks worse as it looked before. I've got laptops, cables and documentation everywhere. During the coming days I'm gonna attempt to clean house and throw out everything I don't need anymore.


Jerry, the ferrets were trying to speak english. Their accents were a little rough...

Are there ferret photos? Particularly cute ones of them playing? Ferrets are such cool little creatures :D


I'll try to get some photos this weekend... I had been planning on putting some cute ferret photos online for a while now, but never got round to it. You can check out the ferret-fun site though :


That's a site I totally dedicated to the carpetsharks, it is - however - not up to date I fear.

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