Well... saturday will be work.

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I've never heard of a sunfish, but I suppose that answer could have been correct too, but Beth was the first one to give me the answer I was actually looking for : starfish. Shelley and Ashley come in late but with valid answers...

OK... I've been working very hard today (no real difference from the past weeks) and we started moving to the office upstairs. I've been busy all day long, installing al cables that come with a modern office (UTP, telephone, coax) and will go in tomorrow to hopefully finish it all. On saturday I'll be able to attach connectors, move hubs and switches and test all connections without disruption operations too much.

If all goes according to planl, we can be up and running in the new - and definately more quiet - office by monday evening or early tuesday. It will improve the amount of work we can handle, at least that is the idea.

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Sunfish: http://www.earthwindow.com/mola.html

Apparently there is a moonfish too: http://www.state.hi.us/dbedt/seafood/opah.html

But starfish are cuter.

And quiet offices are wonderful :D

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