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at the office. So much for the plan to leave at 20h00. Next target will be 21h00, but as that is in 10 minutes, I guess that too is a bit unrealistic. I hardly doubt there will be another update today, as nothing important is planned for the rest of the short day.

Only plans are to drive home (1 hour drive) try to eat something, entertain the ferrets, and sleep a few hours before I leave again. It's a hectic period, but that's life, not?

Maybe I really should start planning some vacation, but then the following questions pops up : go abroad, or stay home? If I go away, whom to take along... it's no fun going on vacation on your own. Result will probably be that at the end of the year I still have not taken some time off. Although... I think I"ll take the week between X-mas and new year off. Who knows :)


Hey, there's this cute little town I know of called Grand Haven, in the lovely state of Michigan. I hear tell that it makes a great tourist destination.... and I wouldn't even refer to you as a "touron"!

You have to take more vacation Jerry, there's a great promotion from Ryan air and I think everybody is going to take vacation between xmas and new year just like last year.

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