Spinning around & Fuck all of you!


I feel like I've done 20 cartwheels in a row. My head's spinning 'round and round, where it stops nobody knows. I think I'm messing up a few songs here...

Damn, I'm spinning... it might be the fresh air, the overload of oxigen or the fact that I just walked 3 floors down to explain to someone that if she can't enter her password, she has to turn off CAPSLOCK.

Sure, I could have explained it by phone, but that's not nearly as healthy.

Oh, before I forget : I flip my middle finger to everyone who told me that the Studio 54 party in Sportpaleis sounded and looked really cool, but they wouldn't come and join us. What are you people? Friggin' plants? Sure, I do understand why Joco & Eef don't come, but the rest of the people.... "Sorry, but there's a soccer match on saturday", "I don't feel like coming", "I already have tickets for something else", or even worse... people that don't even react.

Well, fuck all of you! Next time I won't even bother to ask you. Sure you have the right to do whatever you please, but so do I. The only difference is that I write it in public. Nah!


*grin* I'll go to the party if you buy me a plane ticket :-D

I second what Shelley said. Oh wait. How about you postpone that party til I get there?

Sorry dude.....

You know i like to party with you, but after the car crash i'm not 100% fit yet to start jumping around, doing the crazy things we usually do ;)

About the others: Does it even wonder you ?

I know mate... that's why you are not included in the "fucking plant" list :)

And to be honest... I'm not surprised at all. I think I'll have to give all of them a bucket so they can water themselves on their birthday!

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