Shouting out...

to all my homies, and those not in my home. I'm sorry for not being reachable, not being online all the fucking time (hm... can one actually fuck time? I think there could probably be use for a word like "fucktime", as that would be when you are about to enroll in some serious fucking, but one can not fuck time itself. Time usually ends up fucking us, as it always catches up, doesn't it?), and not posting in forums where I'm either supposed to post, or want to post.

I'm extremely busy at work, but we are getting a hang of the new project and have been able to raise the amount of installations done each day. Friday we carried out about 30, today we got up to 90 I think (at a first glance) and tomorrow we'll be equalling around 120. Targets are set to 125 per day, but if we can 'un'couple some of the technician teams, we'll be able to do up to 150-175 a day. We've had a meeting tonite with our client, and they were most impressed.

I left the office around 22h00, went to have a drink with those clients and finally headed home around 23h30. My sister tried to reach me, but she SMS'ed me she'd get back to me tomorrow.

To Joco & Eef : thumbs up, and I'll be around whenever you might need me.

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