Shopping mall idiots


I went out shopping around 5 as I hoped the usual morons that frequent the shopping malls nearby would have left, but it seemed that I was out of luck. Cars parked all over the place - usually in spots where no cars should be parked - and every shop packed with idiots. I immediately remembered why I hate shopping malls during the weekend.

I also wonder why the management doesn't engage some company to just tow away all cars that are parked in inappropriate sports? Are they freightened to loose customers? Wake up and smell the air! That shopping mall is loosing more customers due to cars blocking the lanes as it would be by towing those who block.
Maybe I'll have to have special stickers made that I can stick on the front window of those idiots' cars. The sticker would then read : "Yes, I parked my car in an inappropriate spot, and I'm such a asshole at home too" or something like it.

And the stickers would be a hell of a job to remove, effectively making drivers loose more time by peeling it off - as it would block their line of sight - as the time they gained by parking off limit in the first place.

Got myself some new boxer shorts, a T-shirt and a book called "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps", written by Allan & Barbara Pease. I suppose they are a couple, and that they never ever fight. And if they have an argument, they probably throw peas at eachother. Right... so much for the stupid jokes.

I'm starting to wonder why I even bought the book, as I scored a very nice 108 on the last test (referring to De Nationale Test) that tested the knowledge of men about women, women about men and men/men, women/women. I don't need to read no books about it, besides it certainly hasn't helped me a lot, understanding the different sexe that is.

Still, I like to learn new things all the time, and I find reading a very good way to do so... especially when I'm bored with everything else :)


According to most of those books I'm a man and Boyd is a women. Which is silly because I'm actually very feminine (a stroppy bitch but still feminine) and he's very masculine (plays sports and all). Which just goes to show that generalisations shouldn't be applied to specific cases.

And I love the sticker idea! I worked weekends in a shopping mall for a year and used to get sick of people complaining to me about the cars parked in the wrong places. What did they think I could do about it, go move the car with my broom? (I was a commercial cleaner). A big ugly sticker would certainly do the trick.

The stickers are a damn great idea!

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