Scrapbook time

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Ok... it's almost 23h30 and I'm off to shave and see if I can come up with some good shots for the BME scrapbook. Worked hard today, and it seems to be paying off too! Need to do some last things tomorrow, then I can start testing and move some IT related things.

Oh, regular natural thanks for everyone who did comment on the barbie boobs (as Ash put it so nicely) and the very very hard boobs (as Steph called them)... You two rock, and I think you know it don't you? If not... YOU TWO ROCK! ;)

So... could women with fake boobs report to me now? Could women with natural boobs report to me now? I'd like to make a scientifically ignored study of the differences between them.

And add some "I don't really care what you think about my 'scientific' testing, just bring on the boobs" to that as well.

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Reporting for testing sir. How much will we be earning for this scientific research project?

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