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Oi... do you remember the post from september 9th where I was writing about MailWasher? After less then a week of testing the beta version, I've just payed a small registration fee for it. Yes, I bought and registered software, and I tend to do so more often.

Sure, I know you can find a crack, patch or registration key easily, but I just loved the functionality of this software so much I payed for it. The $12 fee I payed - mailwasher doesn't have a fixed pricing, one can pay what he feels the software is worth - has already payed itself back during the last week. I could revert to using other e-mail addresses to get rid of the spam, but that would only be a temporary solution, and it would be a royal pain in the ass for me.

Something totally different : I'm gonna try and create something for the BME scrapbook Shannon is putting together. This is something I really feel like being part of, and I have a few ideas, but no clear outlined ones just yet. I think I'll take some photographs and make a composition of some kind.

I actually expected to get quite some comments on last nights' post about breast implants, but it seems everyone either agrees with me, didn't understand what the hell I was talking about, or was just too fucking lazy to comment. Suits me, do as you wish.

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I was too lazy (or unopinionated) last night to comment on the Barbie Boobs, but yeah, plastic is not as fun as natural. I mean, not that I've played with any plastic breasts before, but I can relate to it...
...vibrators aren't as fun as penises.

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