Puke - Barf - Vomit!


I really felt crappy this morning... Woke up around 07h05 went to the bathroom and after being up for about 3 minutes I suddenly felt my stomach turn. Up, down, round and round. Not a pleasant feeling at all, and before I knew it, I was barfing in the toilet. Don't you love this explicit description? Not much came out though, but after about 10 minutes I started to feel better. It was so bizarre. Anyway, maybe it's morning sickness, which could mean I'm pregnant, but that would make me a male version of the holy virgin Maria, and I don't look like her I think. So... forget about that option.

The reason for feeling shitty probably lies in the fact that I stayed up till 02h30, playing some sim game called America. I should have gone to bed much earlier, but I was just too occupied with the game to realize the time.

Oh... I feel better now :)

Shelley : I know what you mean, but don't tell me that running a lean mean browser like Mozilla is worse as the resource gubbling IE6 or NS7. Anyway, most generation 4 browsers should display the site correctly, and it is possible to write valid XHTML (1.0) for older browers too, but in version 1.1 some downward compatibility was dropped.

Joco : I was planning on making you idiot number one, but it seems I didn't upload the idiot button yet. Which unfortunately makes me idiot number 1 :)


Which is why I don't run IE6 :-D I've downloaded Pheonix though, which is supposed to be a stripped down version of Mozilla, and will try that today. Otherwise I'll stick with 1.0 which doesn't slow my machine to a grinding halt quite so fast.

I'm going to change my pages to xhtml 1.0 when I finally get time to update them but I'm not going to 1.1 because the loss of backwards compatibility is just silly. And my visitors aren't the type to run brand new machine and cutting edge browsers anyway (knowing your audience is important *nods*) so there's no point.

True... well, I don't post and maintain this blog for my audience, but I do care about them :)

Phoenix so far is nice and fast. Doesn't clog up my system resources and I didn't have to reboot after an hour. So I have high hopes.

And I write for my audience *nods* Otherwise I'd just use my paper based diary or get a secret live journal or something. But it's still a good testing ground for learning new code.

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