Pain in the ass


Joco is being a pain in the ass :) First he asks me to come over, then he doesn't wanna stay home, but he has no alternatives about what we could do. I suggest catching a movie, to which he replies that there ain't anything good being played.

When I tell him he's being rather difficult he replies : yeah I know... solly. Can one get mad at him? Aaarrghhh! ;)

We're now off to just grab something to eat and a drink.


I just thought of something. If you were to watch the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", you'd have a new nickname for Joco....
he'd be your "hetero-lifemate"!

Go rent it you goofballs. :)

Hey Slutpuppy,

I've watched Jay & Silent Bob, but I didn't find it that enjoyable. Anyway, Silient Bob resembles Michael, another friend of mine. But pssttt... don't tell anyone, it's a secret.

I watched it too!
I think i 'm the Jay type ;)


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