IQ Testing

Last night a 'new' TV (second year actually) serie called De Nationale Test started. The idea is to test the nations IQ, and since I missed it last time, I wanted to play along this time!

I send off my profile by SMS before it started, and then played along while the questions were shown on TV. Now, I do like IQ tests, but these ones were either MUCH harder, or it just seemed like it 'coz it was not on paper but on TV. When you do these tests on paper, you can revert to an earlier question, but on TV you can't. If you think about solving a question later, forget it. You can't go back, nor can you remember all possible answers. At one point during the 60 questions I really thought "What the hell am I doing here?"

Anyway, after submitting all the results I received my score : 103. I usually score around 118-119 on these tests, so I was disappointed, really disappointed. However, during the second part of the show, the results were discussed, and the average for males was 98 and for females 96. I think that with my score of 103 I did pretty damn well!

Lol... maybe I look like crap, but beauty isn't everything - the test proves I got brains, now I just gotta use em :)

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