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Went to see Spiderman last night and even though it was entertaining, that also is about everything that can be said about it. If someone would ask me what movie they should certainly see, spiderman would definately not be my answer.

Yesterday I got help from someone, and for that I thank them. Even though I can't and won't explain in more detail, this thank you had to be said. Now... still no word about the new PC, and it seems the table soccer team has become active again as mails keep on flowing in. People, please! I'm still reading those thru webmail, stop replying to everyone... crapheads :)

Still no word about the upcoming project and we're supposed to have a briefing/meeting in aproximately 2 hours. Looks like it's totally going wrong now. Why can't people just deliver what they promise???


Spiderman bored me senseless. It was too All-American-sugary-sweet for me. My boy said I didn't like it because it wasn't "dark and creepy" and I'm determined to disagree. I didn't like it because it never drew me in, seemed an overglorified after school special. ;)

I liked Spiderman simply because it was entertaining. It wasn't dark or creepy but nicely comic-book like. But then I'm easily amused and like a bit of light entertainment sometimes.

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