Incidents and Accidents

Seems I've just now stumbled beyond the mark of post number 666 - but as I don't believe in good or evil per se, I don't really care. It's just something I noticed when I created this new post. Ok, forget about it already!

Tracerlock ( just told me it found a new link to my blog... and it came from a domain I never even heard about : - It seems Heather Lickliter (whats in a name, I guess she must have heard kids joke about her name quite a lot) blogs there, and after reading just a few of her posts, I added it to the "daily" blog links. Witty, straight to the point and a female techy geek, what more can one ask for?

Go check her out peeps...

Note : I dropped evhead off the list. It was mainly there coz I was using Blogger and Blogger Pro when I first started out blogging. Judging on recent comments from some bloggers I know IRL too, it should be renamed to Blooper and Blooper Pro though. I don't despise the fact that I moved away from it, but I did enjoy the time when I used it. May the future bring good thinks to you, Blogger!

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