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Arrrgghhhh... I just picked up the new machine at my fathers place, as I wasn't able to make it to the store in time. So far so good, and I gotta thank Dad & Hilda for the nice dinner!

I come home, and decide to give the ferrets some quality time before starting to toy around with the new machine. The loved all the boxes and just couldn't stop jumping in, over and around those. I might buy moer new stuff just to see them enjoy the boxes it comes in!

Now... more unpacking and here we go : One would expect when buying a new PC, and paying for assembly that it would come with a floppy drive, don't you think? Yes, it had a floppy drive... nicely wrapped in some foam. I guess this is DIY?

OK, so I open the machine, build in the floppy, and at the same time add the good 'old' Plextor writer as well. The LG DVD is assembled as asked, and it even seems to have all cables attached too. Good. Off to launching the machine then.

Nice letters appear on the screen, windows boots incredibly fast too. Hey, wait. RAID status functional, that seems OK, but it seems to be set up in striping, not in mirroring as I specified. Well... maybe I can change that later on.

Toying around a bit, changing XP back to the good old windows 2000 look, uninstalling MSN Messenger on the way I suddenly notice something else : Disk C: has the size of an astonishing 160 gigs! Aaaarrgghhhh... Didn't I explicitely state that it had to be partitioned???! Damn! Now I can start it all over again.

Well... I said that I would pay the bill tomorrow, but first thing I'll be doing is filing a complaint, and let's see about paying afterwards.

I'm off to bed now, as I am even too tired to play around with the new toy, or even get stressed about everything they did wrong. All of that will be for tomorrow.

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I bet they try and change you for set up time too *snort* Stupid computer people.

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