Fighting spam... once more

Yupz, after all the previous reporting, killing, filtering and deleting it seems not much has changed over the past months. Therefore I have reverted to installing Mail Washer (currently running version 1.33 beta 2) and it seems to handle spam pretty well.

For those more into the technical details, I certainly suggest you read the FAQ, download the program and toy around with it for a while. It can handle user created filters, but I found the use of the ORDB and Spamcop database to handle the incoming spam a very good starting point. I do get almost 99.9% of spam on one account and after running the mails thru Mail Washer, it correctly identified them all as spam, deleted and bounced them.

It's a sad day to have to revert to installing extra software and such to protect your own inbox, but at least this tool is easy to use and does the job so far.

Links : Mail Washer

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