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I could be playing Aquanox right now, but I'm not... I'm gonna hit the bed early for once, and fall asleep while reading some technical magazine about IT. Hey... that magazine is NOT work related, although it does carry info that often comes in handy at work. It's just stuff I like.

Joco called me and told me he bought a house. Actually, he didn't buy it just yet, but they have talked to the owner, agreed on a price and checked with the bank too. So I guess it'll all start moving along pretty soon. I'm happy for him, but as I said to him too : if the both of you (Joco and Eef that is) walk into a place, you can just feel the vibrations, the atmosphere and even without talking too much the both of you know wether it is, or it isn't the place you're gonna buy. I suppose this one is one to buy :)

Welcome to the club of the home owners dude! With a place of your own come a lot of responsabilities, but I'm sure you know that, after all you brought Alex into this world, so you know what you're doing! And... apart from the responsabilities, there's the fact that you can call the house your home.

Your own place, where you are king. The place you own - well, technically the bank owns it for the first 25 years, but that's just a minor detail - and call your own. Congrats...


bank owns a part of it
but it feels GREAT!
and a new car...
now the money is gone and i have to start working hard again(wahhhahahahaha)

Congrats Joco! I've been a member of the club for about 10 years now, buying my first home at the tender age of... um... 23? Funny thing is, the van that I bought 4 years later cost more than my first home. :/

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