Yeah... we are finally getting somewhere. I should be going out with Jess & Johan, Michael and Sam tonight, we're gonna finally catch the sticky movie Spiderman, but I'm tired already.

Instead of 6 laptops, our dealer can only deliver 3 right now, we still have not yet received the list of installations that need to be completed before the end of this month - hard to plan things without knowing who your clients are - but I did manage to arrange for pick-up of two other laptops that are repaired. After tomorrow's afternoon meeting (14h till 17h or 17h30) I've scheduled another one from 18h00 till 19h00 and after that I'm off.

Memory modules should be delivered on thursday (cross fingers) and I still have to plan our move to the new location IT wise. Crap, I think I will go skydiving. I've never done it before, but if I'm gonna die anyway (everybody will, one day) I might as well do it falling from a plane instead of due to some sort of stress.

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