Dumb quizz?


- Drum solo or bass solo? Bring the bass please!
- Boring sex, often or mind blowing sex yearly? There is no such thing as boring sex. So gimme it as much as possible.
- Ever eat dirt? I guess so... don't all kids? Not that I do remember however.
- Do you like the smell of your own farts? Some smell funny, some smell bad, but I usually don't mind the smell.
- Your own pits? I don't usually smell my pits, so I wouldn't know.
- Eye for an Eye or Turn the Other Cheek? Depends on the situation. I'm prepared to let quite a lot slip, but enough is enough.
- Does church make you horny? Not at all. Puke maybe, yes.
- Gwen or Pink? Referring to Gwen Stefani and Pink? Erm... dunno. None I think.
- Maiden or Priest? Maiden, of coz!
- Fred Durst or a brick? I care about none. Bricks can be used to create, and destroy, so that seems the better option to me.
- Al Goldstein or Hugh Hefner? Hugh is the Playboy dude, and Goldstein doesn't ring a bell. Therefore I pick... Goldberg, the wrestler.
- Wood floors or shag carpet? Wood floors are good for shagging too.
- Ever buy a bootleg recording? Yups... several in fact.
- Sold one? Nopez.
- Shave or wax? Shave.
- Would you orally pleasure yourself if you could? Hell yes!
- Guys?/Girls? Would you swallow? According to recent scientific studies, it's supposed to be good for ya...
- Ever shoot a gun? Nah.
- Do you own more than 3 dildos? Nopey.
- Do you remember your first kiss? Don't even have a clue!
- Do you let your canine/feline on the bed during sex? Don't have a dog, so that would be kinda difficult, not? Next question!
- Beach or Mountains? Mountains all the way. Beach is nice - I really dig water - but I'll have a beach on my mountain :) Yes, I want it all!
- Heaven or hell? Like I care. I'll be dead anyway.
- Short hair on women or long? Difficult one. I love a ponytail (on girl) but dig short hair more (I think)
- On men? Short - mine is short. Whatever other men do, doesn't interest me at all.
- Armpit hair on women? No please.
- Shaved chest on men? Hm... I don't shave, but do trim.
- Ball hair? Yups... trimmed too.
- Favorite soap? None... I don't watch soaps. Oh... soap you mean? No preference.
- Fave Shampoo? I use douche gel stuff. Axe or whatever I happened to buy.
- Aren't these quizzes stupid? Totally, but kinda fun too.


Jerry, for some reason I am puzzled by the fact that you've never shot a gun.

I've shot a paintball gun, I've shot a BB gun, but no real gun yet. This ain't the USA, you know... guns are strictly controlled and we don't have the constitutional right to bear arms.

It may be good for you but it tastes FOUL! So I don't reccommend you try it.

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