Dating according to AXE


Now, where has the world come to when 'we' need dating tips coming from a deodorant manufacturer? Here's what AXE has to say :

The number one deal breaker for women when it comes to considering a guy for a date is body odor (77 Percent). Other factors include bad breath (62 Percent) and weight (49 Percent). If you cannot address these issues, consider an Internet girlfriend.

Although there might be quite some truth in that statement, I think they totally understimate the world and social community the internet has become. And to make things even worse, should AXE be able to create an way to spread deodorant over the internet during a chat for instance, I'm sure they'll drop the negative comments about online dating. It's all about the money... psssttthh... but you knew that already, didn't you?


As far as I'm concerned the number one deal breaker is stinky deodorant. At least body odor can be washed off but smelly perfumy type stuff makes me feel sick. I bet they did their own research and used biased questions because those results just don't seem right.

As far as I'm concerned, the number one deal breaker is a crappy personality. Body odor is changeable. Last time I checked, they didn't sell personalities at K-Mart.

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