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Finished quite some work today, but not yet everything. Will need at least till monday - late afternoon - to complete everything. Left the office around 17h15, drove over to my grandma, as she lives only 20 kilometers from the office, and I usually don't have the chance to drop by. She enjoyed seeing me appear, and that was the idea :)

Got home, don't even recall what I've been doing all evening, but I think that Big Brother (Season 3, called Big Brother Different) might have hooked me. I don't have the time to watch it, let alone get hooked on it, yet BB is like watching webcams : once you start, you can't stop!

You know nothing interesting is happening, and nothing will be happening, yet you keep on watching - for hours - just in case you might miss something. Today I suddenly noticed a girl on BB, that I had not noticed before. It does make sense, as this is the first episode I really watched...

After 3 hours of staring at a group of dumb fucks I was able to find out that she's called Ester (without the "h", unlike Esther at the office) so I think I'll have to head over to the official site and check her bio. Not that it would make any difference, but hey... she instantly caught my eye, so I feel like I need to know more about her.

Update : I checked Ester's bio... she described herself as ambitious, assertive and with a mind of her own. Quite good possesions I'd say, but... it also seems that Ester got a nice pair of fake boobs. At least, that's what the official site says :

Het einde van Esters studies betekende ook meteen een nieuw begin, Ester onderging enkele maanden geleden een kleine metamorfose. "Bij een echte vrouw horen een mooi stel borsten, dus kreeg ik ze cadeau van papa toen ik afstudeerde! Ik voel me nu heerlijk in mijn vel!"

Pardon me... I'm happy for her to read that she feels much better now, but I like girls to be natural, and if I wanted to grab, lick or kiss plastics, I'd get myself an inflatable doll. Bye bye Ester!

Just to be very clear : this is about the Ester who 'stars' in Big Brother, not about the Esther who works at the office. I don't know if the Esther at the office has real or fake tits - as it is none of my business - and frankly, even if I knew, it wouldn't be any of your business, capice?

Links : Big Brother Anders

1 Comment

I know somebody who has fake boobs and one day I asked her if I could though them only because I was curious and they are very very very hard. I can understand why anybody wants them but I think men only like them for the sight not for the tough !!!

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