Buffer overflow?

I solved the upload problem that I was experiencing since the use of the new beast. Downloading over the ADSL was no problem, but every upload would start at a speed of aproximately 19 kb/s and then drop very fast, resulting in a time-out and unfinished files. Now, I don't need to upload that much, but when handling high resolution images (from the digital camera) it gets tricky very fast.

Today I tried installing newer drivers for the LAN card (or the NIC if you prefer) but it seemed I already had the most recent ones. When I switched the speed on the card from 'auto detect' to '10 mpbs' it suddenly solved my problem. I suppose some setting in the ADSL modem doesn't report the correct speed to the NIC, and that results in buffer overflows... well, at least that's what I think.

I already mailed the distributor of the ADSL modem (whom I know personally) and they're gonna perform tests to see if the problem can be reproduced. If so, I'm sure they'll come up with a swift solution, or possibly a firmware update.

I also have been busy testing the security on the box and did leak and penetration tests on the firewall, which resulted in nothing much. I was able to tighten some small things, so everything should be kinda OK now. Anyway, it's an ongoing battle that'll keep me kind of busy in the future.

Yes... that was another boring technical post. Don't like it? Too bad! Entertain me. Which reminds me... next week, saturday the 28th there's gonna be a huge Studio 54 party in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, and I'm gonna be there (providing there are still tickets for sale), and I hope a whole lot of my friends will be coming along. Party time, disco grooves, lots of glamour and glitter. It's gonna be a funky town!

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