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OK... been over to holland yesterday to pay Joco a visit. He didn't break anything, and will be home again today normally. He sounded and looked OK, but I'm sure he'll not feel as good this morning.

The project is advancing, but we're experiencing some problems getting the planning and dispatching rolling as we expected...

Yesterday I formatted and reinstalled the new PC, but I somehow misplaced the driver disk for the MSI mainboard, and that ofcourse resulted in LAN not working, no audio and such. Hell, I just downloaded the drivers I need and will be hopefully be able to configure everything properly tonight. The weird thing is that I was so sure that I saw the CD somewhere, and it's nowhere to be found now!

I've got one hell of a headache - since tuesday actually - and I came in at the office early, took an aspirin and am feeling slightly better now.

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you never know how many bones you have in your body until each one of them hurts like hell.....

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