Being specific


A beautiful young women drives her scooter through town when she's stopped by a police officer. "Madam, you're not wearing a helmet." The women is of course not very pleased with the whole situation, but as she looks very good, the police officer is prepared to let it slip for once.

The police officer proposes a deal to the woman : "I'll be giving you a riddle, and if you can solve it, I won't write you a ticket". Seeing this as a way out, the woman agrees.

So, here is the first riddle : "It has 4 wheels and a steeringwheel, what is it?"

"Well," the woman says, "that's not too hard... it's a car!"
"Wrong!" says the officer. "You should have been more specific. Is it a GMC, Mercedes, or a Ford?"

The woman starts to get pretty pissed off now, but as the officer is in a pretty good mood, he decides the give the woman another chance, and another riddle.

So, here is the second riddle : "It has 2 wheels and a steeringwheel, what is it?"

"That's gotta be a motorcycle" the woman says.
"Well, that's incorrect again" says the officer, "you've not been specific enough again. Is it a Honda, a Suzuki or a Ducati?"

The officer starts writing the woman a ticket for the amount of $ 35, while he has an evil grin on his face.

Suddenly the woman interrupts him. "Mister police officer, I have a riddle for you too!" "Well, so ask me" the police officer replies.

"It's barely clothed, and charges money for sex" the woman says to the officer. He doesn't have to think too long about it and answers : "That's gotta be a prostitute".

"I'm terribly sorry" says the woman, "but it's not specific enough! Is it your wife, your daughter or your mother?"

Last night while I was reading the new book, I've learned something interesting : according to scientific studies, women have superior hearing, broader vision, better and more color receptors in their eyes, a more sensitive skin, and they can pick up intonations in conversations men can't even begin to notice. But hey... men have tunnelvision, and are better at imitating animal sounds.

Pheww... I already thought we were totally useless!


And women have a better sense of smell. I'm basing this purely on personal experience rather than scientific data but still.

I can't smell anything to save my life, I'm legaly blind without my contacts, my hearing is shit, but my sense of touch and taste are about twice the sensitivity of what they should be. Yay for women!

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