Came in around 09h15 and while working on the recently received list (new) one we already suspected that something was wrong. It seems our client has send us a list that is useless - and I'm very mild now. In just a few hours 28 technicians will be stuck, out of addresses and thus work.

I don't have a clue right now about what we can do ourtselves to fix it, but I'm gonna try and bring up some creative solution.

By the way... the answer to that last 'fishy' question was : blowfish. Yes, it's an encryption method, and even if you didn't know it you could have found it by asking google to give you sites about "+encryption +fish".

Funny thing is though that when browsing to or you find unrelated things. I guess the question was only intended for true geeks. GeekMan would have known the answer... I presume.

OK... here's a new one : it's shines brightly above our heads and... it swims (kinda). This one is really really easy, so everyone should be able to answer it. Go Go Go!


By the kinda I assume you mean starfish (they do swim) but I'm pretty sure there is also a tropical fish called a sunfish :D

Sunfish indeed! Actually, they are a freshwater fish, good for panfrying (if you eat repulsive seafood, that is).
I'm thinking Starfish might work better here though, since he said they (kinda) swim. I'm shutting up now. :D

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