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Zombie Squad Reports


I'm still at the office, as we're having a 'after-working-day' meeting with some of our technicians. I'm not very happy about this late meeting, but I don't really mind it today either. It's been very very hectic, and tonight is really enjoyable... I almost forgot how to experience silence and quiet.

While David is having the meeting, I'm finishing the preparation of one of a notebook for one of the techs who needs a replacement. I'll be done in about 30 minutes, and if we both planned right, the boss should be done as well. Then I can swap the old notebook with an even older model and we're done for the day.

It's so weird... the less I sleep, the less I mind long days at the office. Maybe I should try sleeping only 3 hours tonight, instead of the 4 I did last night. Lol...

Puke - Barf - Vomit!


I really felt crappy this morning... Woke up around 07h05 went to the bathroom and after being up for about 3 minutes I suddenly felt my stomach turn. Up, down, round and round. Not a pleasant feeling at all, and before I knew it, I was barfing in the toilet. Don't you love this explicit description? Not much came out though, but after about 10 minutes I started to feel better. It was so bizarre. Anyway, maybe it's morning sickness, which could mean I'm pregnant, but that would make me a male version of the holy virgin Maria, and I don't look like her I think. So... forget about that option.

The reason for feeling shitty probably lies in the fact that I stayed up till 02h30, playing some sim game called America. I should have gone to bed much earlier, but I was just too occupied with the game to realize the time.

Oh... I feel better now :)

Shelley : I know what you mean, but don't tell me that running a lean mean browser like Mozilla is worse as the resource gubbling IE6 or NS7. Anyway, most generation 4 browsers should display the site correctly, and it is possible to write valid XHTML (1.0) for older browers too, but in version 1.1 some downward compatibility was dropped.

Joco : I was planning on making you idiot number one, but it seems I didn't upload the idiot button yet. Which unfortunately makes me idiot number 1 :)

Network Latency - site unreachable


If you are having problems reaching this site, I already know about it. Especially European users can experience very long delays before the site finally loads. It's also possible that parts of it will timeout.

I have already contacted my web host, and it seems they are experiencing network latency from various sources. I have included their status message and submitted trace routes to help them contact the appropriate ISP's.

We are currently seeing network latency on the following networks: (UUnet) (severe) (primarily in the Orlando routing area) (moderate) (primarily in the midwestern US routing area) (severe) (primarily in the midwestern routing area) (moderate)
bbnplanet (primarily from overseas routes) (severe)

Please submit traces if you're going to open a ticket. Simply reporting slowness without a trace will not be helpful to update this list and direct those reports to the appropriate ISPs.

I hope this situation is resolved soon, but it probably not last too long. Try again in a few hours if you keep on experiencing lag.

XHTML1.0 vs XHTML1.1

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I was looking into making the complete site XHTML1.1 compliant - as it already is XHTML 1.0 compliant - but it seems I need to change too much to achieve that goal right now. I'll take a deeper look into it in the future, as I don't feel like hacking too deep into Movable Type to see if all the code that it outputs is valid XHTML 1.1.

I did however remove some depreciated tags that older browers need (like script language="javascript", which is replaced by script type="text/javascript"), so if things like the comment system don't work for you anymore, it's time that you upgraded your brower to something a bit more up to date. I recommend you check out Mozilla 1.1.

We can only advance when some people push the limits :)

Which marvel super hero are you?

According to the test at liquidgeneration, I am Wolverine. There you go.

I am Wolverine

I've always known I had special powers, apart from making a complete fool out of myself, low selfesteem and an unexistant sense of humor. Phew!

Give credit where it is due


As you might have noticed, I've added some new things on the left : most recent book, DVD and CD I've read/bought.

Now, those spiffy GFX you see I grabbed from Cyborgirls page, and I slightly adapted them. I'm not taking credit for those, as that should go to Cy.

I will however add some new icons and categories later on... I'm thinking about "idiot", "software", "game" and things like that. Or maybe I should add "food" as well? (forget about that question... food is already implemented)



This should be a VERY clear message to whomever thinks it concerns them. I'm fed up with people thinking they can get away with everything. Soon I will tell them to shove it up their ass, and I will NOT supply lubricant...

Jolie has left the building... finally!

Yes... finally, the dumb cow has left the building. I know that might not ring any bell for those that ain't following belgian episodes of Big Brother 3 (aka Big Brother Anders), but those who do must have seen it coming a long time ago.

I've only got 1 advice for that very simple woman (or girl, or whatever) : if you wanna play the game, play it like it is supposed to be played. This also and certainly means sticking by the rules. If I drive too fast and get caught, well... that's a descision I took, and a risk I knew in advance. I won't moan that I got caught, coz I knew in advance what could happen. I actually think the group should have kicked her out instead of giving her a chance to stay. It was her own dumb choice, she's had enough opportunities.

And now... I'm off to bed. One more day to go, and it's weekend. Tablesoccer competition tomorrow, but I'll be able to catch up on some sleep on saturday and sunday. Chill peeps!

Oh Halo... thanks for pointing out that I broke the XHTML validation, I forgot to check. Everything is fixed again :)

See bits moving...

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In these times of highspeed switches, routers, xDSL, cable, two-way satellite and gigabit ethernet, I"m currently trying to update a prehistoric notebook over an analogue line. I can actually SEE the bits crawling over the phoneline. This is gonna take at least an hour, just to get the most basic patches installed. Don't you just love technology?

I think I might be off to Mieke later tonite to make an appointement for the next tattoo... the BME hockey logo, but slightly adapted. Yey for me!


Yesterday I went out to help Marc & Annie of BFL (Belgian Ferret League) with some IT problems, and I solved all of them. The modem in the new box is just something that I couldn't get fixed, as it kept on throwing me weird errors all the time, but hey.... that was something not on the origianl TO DO list.

Best part is that though I did help them, my own old hard disk is still not recovered, and I'm starting to experience the lack of information thats on the disk. I think I might know what to do this weekend.

Home & off again

I'm home. Well, I've had a long meeting (including dinner, started around 11h00, meeting till 13h00, then off for business dinner till 17h00) and I feel pretty beat. However, I've just eaten something, entertained the ferrets and I'm off again to help the people at BFL out by installing a CD rewriter and recovering data of an old hard disk.

It'll probably be around 22h30 before I'm back home. Off to bed then and crash till some time too early tomorrow. Yes, I know. Don't tell me. I really am planning on starting to take some of that vacation I still have... if only Slut Puppy would let me know something.

Dumb quizz?


- Drum solo or bass solo? Bring the bass please!
- Boring sex, often or mind blowing sex yearly? There is no such thing as boring sex. So gimme it as much as possible.
- Ever eat dirt? I guess so... don't all kids? Not that I do remember however.
- Do you like the smell of your own farts? Some smell funny, some smell bad, but I usually don't mind the smell.
- Your own pits? I don't usually smell my pits, so I wouldn't know.
- Eye for an Eye or Turn the Other Cheek? Depends on the situation. I'm prepared to let quite a lot slip, but enough is enough.
- Does church make you horny? Not at all. Puke maybe, yes.
- Gwen or Pink? Referring to Gwen Stefani and Pink? Erm... dunno. None I think.
- Maiden or Priest? Maiden, of coz!
- Fred Durst or a brick? I care about none. Bricks can be used to create, and destroy, so that seems the better option to me.
- Al Goldstein or Hugh Hefner? Hugh is the Playboy dude, and Goldstein doesn't ring a bell. Therefore I pick... Goldberg, the wrestler.
- Wood floors or shag carpet? Wood floors are good for shagging too.
- Ever buy a bootleg recording? Yups... several in fact.
- Sold one? Nopez.
- Shave or wax? Shave.
- Would you orally pleasure yourself if you could? Hell yes!
- Guys?/Girls? Would you swallow? According to recent scientific studies, it's supposed to be good for ya...
- Ever shoot a gun? Nah.
- Do you own more than 3 dildos? Nopey.
- Do you remember your first kiss? Don't even have a clue!
- Do you let your canine/feline on the bed during sex? Don't have a dog, so that would be kinda difficult, not? Next question!
- Beach or Mountains? Mountains all the way. Beach is nice - I really dig water - but I'll have a beach on my mountain :) Yes, I want it all!
- Heaven or hell? Like I care. I'll be dead anyway.
- Short hair on women or long? Difficult one. I love a ponytail (on girl) but dig short hair more (I think)
- On men? Short - mine is short. Whatever other men do, doesn't interest me at all.
- Armpit hair on women? No please.
- Shaved chest on men? Hm... I don't shave, but do trim.
- Ball hair? Yups... trimmed too.
- Favorite soap? None... I don't watch soaps. Oh... soap you mean? No preference.
- Fave Shampoo? I use douche gel stuff. Axe or whatever I happened to buy.
- Aren't these quizzes stupid? Totally, but kinda fun too.


I'm up and awake... wait... forget the awake... I'm up. It's fucking 06h30 in the morning. I'm off to the shower.

Spinning around & Fuck all of you!


I feel like I've done 20 cartwheels in a row. My head's spinning 'round and round, where it stops nobody knows. I think I'm messing up a few songs here...

Damn, I'm spinning... it might be the fresh air, the overload of oxigen or the fact that I just walked 3 floors down to explain to someone that if she can't enter her password, she has to turn off CAPSLOCK.

Sure, I could have explained it by phone, but that's not nearly as healthy.

Oh, before I forget : I flip my middle finger to everyone who told me that the Studio 54 party in Sportpaleis sounded and looked really cool, but they wouldn't come and join us. What are you people? Friggin' plants? Sure, I do understand why Joco & Eef don't come, but the rest of the people.... "Sorry, but there's a soccer match on saturday", "I don't feel like coming", "I already have tickets for something else", or even worse... people that don't even react.

Well, fuck all of you! Next time I won't even bother to ask you. Sure you have the right to do whatever you please, but so do I. The only difference is that I write it in public. Nah!

Shit hits the fan

and I can tell you... it's all over the place. No further comment. The only thing you should know right now is that we're cleaning up the mess. Yuck!

This one I just could not let go...

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I was browsing the web, and stumbled upon this cybersex conversation... I just felt an incredible urge to post it. Sorry if it's a bit longish, but if you mind long posts, I think you should really piss off and read something else. Neh.

[SuRgE] Hello, Amy. What do you look like?
[amy14] I am wearing a red silk blouse, a miniskirt and high heels. I work out every day, I'm toned and perfect. My measurements are 36-24-36. What do you look like?
[SuRgE] I'm 6'3" and about 250 pounds. I wear glasses and I have on a pair of blue sweat pants I just bought from WalMart. I'm also wearing a T-shirt with a few spots of barbecue sauce on it from smells funny.
[amy14] I want you. Would you like to screw me?
[SuRgE] OK
[amy14] We're in my bedroom. There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser and night table. I'm looking up into your eyes, smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge.
[SuRgE] I'm gulping, I'm beginning to sweat.
[amy14] I'm pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest.
[SuRgE] Now I'm unbuttoning your blouse. My hands are trembling.
[amy14] I'm moaning softly.
[SuRgE] I'm taking hold of your blouse and sliding it off slowly.
[amy14] I'm throwing my head back in pleasure. The cool silk slides off my warm skin. I'm rubbing your bulge faster, pulling and rubbing.
[SuRgE] My hand suddenly jerks spastically and accidentally rips a hole in your blouse. I'm sorry.
[amy14] That's OK, it wasn't really too expensive.
[SuRgE] I'll pay for it.
[amy14] Don't worry about it. I'm wearing a lacy black bra. My soft breasts are rising and falling, as I breath harder and harder.
[SuRgE] I'm fumbling with the clasp on your bra. I think it's stuck. Do you have any scissors?
[amy14] I take your hand and kiss it softly. I'm reaching back undoing the clasp. The bra slides off my body. The air caresses my breasts. My nipples are erect for you.
[SuRgE] How did you do that? I'm picking up the bra and inspecting the clasp.
[amy14] I'm arching my back. Oh baby. I just want to feel your tongue all over me.
[SuRgE] I'm dropping the bra. Now I'm licking your, you know, breasts. They're neat!
[amy14] I'm running my fingers through your hair. Now I'm nibbling your ear.
[SuRgE] I suddenly sneeze. Your breasts are covered with spit and phlegm.
[amy14] What?
[SuRgE] I'm so sorry. Really.
[amy14] I'm wiping your phlegm off my breasts with the remains of my blouse.
[SuRgE] I'm taking the sopping wet blouse from you. I drop it with a plop.
[amy14] OK. I'm pulling your sweat pants down and rubbing your hard tool.
[SuRgE] I'm screaming like a woman. Your hands are cold! Yeeee!
[amy14] I'm pulling up my miniskirt. Take off my panties.
[SuRgE] I'm pulling off your panties. My tongue is going all over, in and out nibbling on you...umm... wait a minute.
[amy14] What's the matter?
[SuRgE] I've got a pubic hair caught in my throat. I'm choking.
[amy14] Are you OK?
[SuRgE] I'm having a coughing fit. I'm turning all red.
[amy14] Can I help?
[SuRgE] I'm running to the kitchen, choking wildly. I'm fumbling through the cabinets, looking for a cup. Where do you keep your cups?
[amy14] In the cabinet to the right of the sink.
[SuRgE] I'm drinking a cup of water. there, that's better.
[amy14] Come back to me, lover.
[SuRgE] I'm washing the cup now.
[amy14] I'm on the bed arching for you.
[SuRgE] I'm drying the cup. Now I'm putting it back in the cabinet. And now I'm walking back to the bedroom. Wait, it's dark, I'm lost. Where's the bedroom?
[amy14] Last door on the left at the end of the hall.
[SuRgE] I found it.
[amy14] I'm tugging' off your pants. I'm moaning. I want you so badly.
[SuRgE] Me too.
[amy14] Your pants are off. I kiss you passionately-our naked bodies pressing each other.
[SuRgE] Your face is pushing my glasses into my face. It hurts.
[amy14] Why don't you take off your glasses?
[SuRgE] OK, but I can't see very well without them. I place the glasses on the night table.
[amy14] I'm bending over the bed. Give it to me, baby!
[SuRgE] I have to pee. I'm fumbling my way blindly across the room and toward the bathroom.
[amy14] Hurry back, lover.
[SuRgE] I find the bathroom and it's dark. I'm feeling around for the toilet. I lift the lid.
[amy14] I'm waiting eagerly for your return.
[SuRgE] I'm done going. I'm feeling around for the flush handle, but I can't find it. Uh-oh!
[amy14] What's the matter now?
[SuRgE] I've realized that I've peed into your laundry hamper. Sorry again. I'm walking back to the bedroom now, blindly feeling my way.
[amy14] Mmm, yes. Come on.
[SuRgE] OK, now I'm going to put my... you know... thing... in your... you know... woman's thing.
[amy14] Yes! Do it, baby! Do it!
[SuRgE] I'm touching your smooth butt. It feels so nice. I kiss your neck. Umm, I'm having a little trouble here.
[amy14] I'm moving my ass back and forth, moaning. I can't stand it another second! Slide in! Screw me now!
[SuRgE] I'm flaccid.
[amy14] What?
[SuRgE] I'm limp. I can't sustain an erection.
[amy14] I'm standing up and turning around; an incredulous look on my face.
[SuRgE] I'm shrugging with a sad look on my face, my wiener all floppy. I'm going to get my glasses and see what's wrong.
[amy14] No, never mind. I'm getting dressed. I'm putting on my underwear. Now I'm putting on my wet nasty blouse.
[SuRgE] No wait! Now I'm squinting, trying to find the night table. I'm feeling along the dresser, knocking over cans of hair spray, picture frames and your candles.
[amy14] I'm buttoning my blouse. Now I'm putting on my shoes.
[SuRgE] I've found my glasses. I'm putting them on. My God! One of our candles fell on the curtain. The curtain is on fire! I'm pointing at it, a shocked look on my face.
[amy14] Go to hell. I'm logging off, you loser!
[SuRgE] Now the carpet is on fire! Oh noooo!

It ain�t new year... but

it doesn't hurt to try and change things, does it? Since I'm now on the third floor of the building, and I need to go up and down quite often, I will try not to use the elevator but take the stairs. I don't know if I'll actually like it (I really doubt it) but it'll give me some much needed excercise.

On a different note : I might be buying a garage (car box actually) as an investement. I've found one close to where I work, and I'll be checking it out later on. The price seems pretty low, and if I can rent it to someone it'll be a good investement. It's not that I have got that much spare cash, but I might as well do something with the cash I have. Putting it on a bankaccount doesn't really appeal to me.

Buffer overflow?

I solved the upload problem that I was experiencing since the use of the new beast. Downloading over the ADSL was no problem, but every upload would start at a speed of aproximately 19 kb/s and then drop very fast, resulting in a time-out and unfinished files. Now, I don't need to upload that much, but when handling high resolution images (from the digital camera) it gets tricky very fast.

Today I tried installing newer drivers for the LAN card (or the NIC if you prefer) but it seemed I already had the most recent ones. When I switched the speed on the card from 'auto detect' to '10 mpbs' it suddenly solved my problem. I suppose some setting in the ADSL modem doesn't report the correct speed to the NIC, and that results in buffer overflows... well, at least that's what I think.

I already mailed the distributor of the ADSL modem (whom I know personally) and they're gonna perform tests to see if the problem can be reproduced. If so, I'm sure they'll come up with a swift solution, or possibly a firmware update.

I also have been busy testing the security on the box and did leak and penetration tests on the firewall, which resulted in nothing much. I was able to tighten some small things, so everything should be kinda OK now. Anyway, it's an ongoing battle that'll keep me kind of busy in the future.

Yes... that was another boring technical post. Don't like it? Too bad! Entertain me. Which reminds me... next week, saturday the 28th there's gonna be a huge Studio 54 party in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, and I'm gonna be there (providing there are still tickets for sale), and I hope a whole lot of my friends will be coming along. Party time, disco grooves, lots of glamour and glitter. It's gonna be a funky town!

Being specific


A beautiful young women drives her scooter through town when she's stopped by a police officer. "Madam, you're not wearing a helmet." The women is of course not very pleased with the whole situation, but as she looks very good, the police officer is prepared to let it slip for once.

The police officer proposes a deal to the woman : "I'll be giving you a riddle, and if you can solve it, I won't write you a ticket". Seeing this as a way out, the woman agrees.

So, here is the first riddle : "It has 4 wheels and a steeringwheel, what is it?"

"Well," the woman says, "that's not too hard... it's a car!"
"Wrong!" says the officer. "You should have been more specific. Is it a GMC, Mercedes, or a Ford?"

The woman starts to get pretty pissed off now, but as the officer is in a pretty good mood, he decides the give the woman another chance, and another riddle.

So, here is the second riddle : "It has 2 wheels and a steeringwheel, what is it?"

"That's gotta be a motorcycle" the woman says.
"Well, that's incorrect again" says the officer, "you've not been specific enough again. Is it a Honda, a Suzuki or a Ducati?"

The officer starts writing the woman a ticket for the amount of $ 35, while he has an evil grin on his face.

Suddenly the woman interrupts him. "Mister police officer, I have a riddle for you too!" "Well, so ask me" the police officer replies.

"It's barely clothed, and charges money for sex" the woman says to the officer. He doesn't have to think too long about it and answers : "That's gotta be a prostitute".

"I'm terribly sorry" says the woman, "but it's not specific enough! Is it your wife, your daughter or your mother?"

Last night while I was reading the new book, I've learned something interesting : according to scientific studies, women have superior hearing, broader vision, better and more color receptors in their eyes, a more sensitive skin, and they can pick up intonations in conversations men can't even begin to notice. But hey... men have tunnelvision, and are better at imitating animal sounds.

Pheww... I already thought we were totally useless!

Shopping mall idiots


I went out shopping around 5 as I hoped the usual morons that frequent the shopping malls nearby would have left, but it seemed that I was out of luck. Cars parked all over the place - usually in spots where no cars should be parked - and every shop packed with idiots. I immediately remembered why I hate shopping malls during the weekend.

I also wonder why the management doesn't engage some company to just tow away all cars that are parked in inappropriate sports? Are they freightened to loose customers? Wake up and smell the air! That shopping mall is loosing more customers due to cars blocking the lanes as it would be by towing those who block.
Maybe I'll have to have special stickers made that I can stick on the front window of those idiots' cars. The sticker would then read : "Yes, I parked my car in an inappropriate spot, and I'm such a asshole at home too" or something like it.

And the stickers would be a hell of a job to remove, effectively making drivers loose more time by peeling it off - as it would block their line of sight - as the time they gained by parking off limit in the first place.

Got myself some new boxer shorts, a T-shirt and a book called "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps", written by Allan & Barbara Pease. I suppose they are a couple, and that they never ever fight. And if they have an argument, they probably throw peas at eachother. Right... so much for the stupid jokes.

I'm starting to wonder why I even bought the book, as I scored a very nice 108 on the last test (referring to De Nationale Test) that tested the knowledge of men about women, women about men and men/men, women/women. I don't need to read no books about it, besides it certainly hasn't helped me a lot, understanding the different sexe that is.

Still, I like to learn new things all the time, and I find reading a very good way to do so... especially when I'm bored with everything else :)

Incidents and Accidents

Seems I've just now stumbled beyond the mark of post number 666 - but as I don't believe in good or evil per se, I don't really care. It's just something I noticed when I created this new post. Ok, forget about it already!

Tracerlock ( just told me it found a new link to my blog... and it came from a domain I never even heard about : - It seems Heather Lickliter (whats in a name, I guess she must have heard kids joke about her name quite a lot) blogs there, and after reading just a few of her posts, I added it to the "daily" blog links. Witty, straight to the point and a female techy geek, what more can one ask for?

Go check her out peeps...

Note : I dropped evhead off the list. It was mainly there coz I was using Blogger and Blogger Pro when I first started out blogging. Judging on recent comments from some bloggers I know IRL too, it should be renamed to Blooper and Blooper Pro though. I don't despise the fact that I moved away from it, but I did enjoy the time when I used it. May the future bring good thinks to you, Blogger!

Fast News


I could be playing Aquanox right now, but I'm not... I'm gonna hit the bed early for once, and fall asleep while reading some technical magazine about IT. Hey... that magazine is NOT work related, although it does carry info that often comes in handy at work. It's just stuff I like.

Joco called me and told me he bought a house. Actually, he didn't buy it just yet, but they have talked to the owner, agreed on a price and checked with the bank too. So I guess it'll all start moving along pretty soon. I'm happy for him, but as I said to him too : if the both of you (Joco and Eef that is) walk into a place, you can just feel the vibrations, the atmosphere and even without talking too much the both of you know wether it is, or it isn't the place you're gonna buy. I suppose this one is one to buy :)

Welcome to the club of the home owners dude! With a place of your own come a lot of responsabilities, but I'm sure you know that, after all you brought Alex into this world, so you know what you're doing! And... apart from the responsabilities, there's the fact that you can call the house your home.

Your own place, where you are king. The place you own - well, technically the bank owns it for the first 25 years, but that's just a minor detail - and call your own. Congrats...



Hey Ash and Shelley : you are both correct... I know they need the attention and last night I got a call from Joco & Eef who asked me to come over, but there was one condition : afterwards I had to head home and give the ferrets some quality time. And that's exactly what they got!

They've been jumping and playing around for nearly 2 hours, although Bono was tired after about an hour and went back to his cage to snooze. BTW Ashley, they don't talk "week week ork" or so, it sounds like "mok mok", but I'm sure they understood what you said.

I've finished the technical side of the move, every desk and workplace is connected to the internet, telephones are up and running again and everyone is able to got at it at full force again. Phew... and I was done around 12h30, so that's pretty close to the estimate I gave David (I initially told him it would take till 12h00 before everything was done).

I'm upstairs now, and my desk looks even looks worse as it looked before. I've got laptops, cables and documentation everywhere. During the coming days I'm gonna attempt to clean house and throw out everything I don't need anymore.



No... this is not an entry about the group Madhouse who produces crappy madonna covers, but it describes the current status at the office. I finally left around 21h25 yesterday, came home around 22h20, had something to eat and went to bed.

This morning I overslept (no wonder!) and had to take care and cuddle the ferrets in a hurry. They were very glad to see me again, and I really don't care what the situation is tonight, but I'm leaving at a reasonable time, so that they can get the attention they need.

Those who can't understand that : fuck you.

Still still


at the office. So much for the plan to leave at 20h00. Next target will be 21h00, but as that is in 10 minutes, I guess that too is a bit unrealistic. I hardly doubt there will be another update today, as nothing important is planned for the rest of the short day.

Only plans are to drive home (1 hour drive) try to eat something, entertain the ferrets, and sleep a few hours before I leave again. It's a hectic period, but that's life, not?

Maybe I really should start planning some vacation, but then the following questions pops up : go abroad, or stay home? If I go away, whom to take along... it's no fun going on vacation on your own. Result will probably be that at the end of the year I still have not taken some time off. Although... I think I"ll take the week between X-mas and new year off. Who knows :)


at the office. Joco just called me and gave me some good news. Finally some good news. He also told me I work too hard. He's probably right, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, right?

Time check : 20h03

Working overtime

Working nine to five, etc etc and jabbadibi and jabbadiba... it's been a long time since I pulled a 9 to 5 working day. I'm still at the office, but at the new one (upstairs). I've been able to finish the network and was able to solve some technical difficulties I ran into with the help of Glenn.

Each new desk has current, network connection and almost every cable has been tucked away in a professional manner. We'll be moving tomorrow I think, and I'm sure more slight difficulites will pop up, but we'll tackle them as well.

Hans is still working on the dispatching for tomorrow, and today we got a new assignment from our customer, adding another 300 calls and interventions to our list. I really don't mind it, but the constant pressure starts to have it's toll. I hope to be leaving around 20h00 today, so I'll be home around 21h00. But hey... I got a small message from Ash, so I'm off to read that now! Chill & talk/write/rant to you all later on!

Note : Alex is back from the hospital after he fell down last night. Joco send me a mail stating that the doctors said Alex wouldn't get as weird as his dad. I don't believe them... after all, Alex is 50 percent Joco and 50 percent Eef. And both are goofballs :)

I'm gonna go outside now, and enjoy the evening on the terrace of the office. After all, it's been enough for the day, and I'll be close enough to help out Hans should he run into an IT related problem. Which reminds me : HP printers absolutely suck ass! If I have something to say in it, no more HP printers for this company!

Scrapbook time

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Ok... it's almost 23h30 and I'm off to shave and see if I can come up with some good shots for the BME scrapbook. Worked hard today, and it seems to be paying off too! Need to do some last things tomorrow, then I can start testing and move some IT related things.

Oh, regular natural thanks for everyone who did comment on the barbie boobs (as Ash put it so nicely) and the very very hard boobs (as Steph called them)... You two rock, and I think you know it don't you? If not... YOU TWO ROCK! ;)

So... could women with fake boobs report to me now? Could women with natural boobs report to me now? I'd like to make a scientifically ignored study of the differences between them.

And add some "I don't really care what you think about my 'scientific' testing, just bring on the boobs" to that as well.

Royal pain in the ass...

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Oi... do you remember the post from september 9th where I was writing about MailWasher? After less then a week of testing the beta version, I've just payed a small registration fee for it. Yes, I bought and registered software, and I tend to do so more often.

Sure, I know you can find a crack, patch or registration key easily, but I just loved the functionality of this software so much I payed for it. The $12 fee I payed - mailwasher doesn't have a fixed pricing, one can pay what he feels the software is worth - has already payed itself back during the last week. I could revert to using other e-mail addresses to get rid of the spam, but that would only be a temporary solution, and it would be a royal pain in the ass for me.

Something totally different : I'm gonna try and create something for the BME scrapbook Shannon is putting together. This is something I really feel like being part of, and I have a few ideas, but no clear outlined ones just yet. I think I'll take some photographs and make a composition of some kind.

I actually expected to get quite some comments on last nights' post about breast implants, but it seems everyone either agrees with me, didn't understand what the hell I was talking about, or was just too fucking lazy to comment. Suits me, do as you wish.

Burps Brother

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Finished quite some work today, but not yet everything. Will need at least till monday - late afternoon - to complete everything. Left the office around 17h15, drove over to my grandma, as she lives only 20 kilometers from the office, and I usually don't have the chance to drop by. She enjoyed seeing me appear, and that was the idea :)

Got home, don't even recall what I've been doing all evening, but I think that Big Brother (Season 3, called Big Brother Different) might have hooked me. I don't have the time to watch it, let alone get hooked on it, yet BB is like watching webcams : once you start, you can't stop!

You know nothing interesting is happening, and nothing will be happening, yet you keep on watching - for hours - just in case you might miss something. Today I suddenly noticed a girl on BB, that I had not noticed before. It does make sense, as this is the first episode I really watched...

After 3 hours of staring at a group of dumb fucks I was able to find out that she's called Ester (without the "h", unlike Esther at the office) so I think I'll have to head over to the official site and check her bio. Not that it would make any difference, but hey... she instantly caught my eye, so I feel like I need to know more about her.

Update : I checked Ester's bio... she described herself as ambitious, assertive and with a mind of her own. Quite good possesions I'd say, but... it also seems that Ester got a nice pair of fake boobs. At least, that's what the official site says :

Het einde van Esters studies betekende ook meteen een nieuw begin, Ester onderging enkele maanden geleden een kleine metamorfose. "Bij een echte vrouw horen een mooi stel borsten, dus kreeg ik ze cadeau van papa toen ik afstudeerde! Ik voel me nu heerlijk in mijn vel!"

Pardon me... I'm happy for her to read that she feels much better now, but I like girls to be natural, and if I wanted to grab, lick or kiss plastics, I'd get myself an inflatable doll. Bye bye Ester!

Just to be very clear : this is about the Ester who 'stars' in Big Brother, not about the Esther who works at the office. I don't know if the Esther at the office has real or fake tits - as it is none of my business - and frankly, even if I knew, it wouldn't be any of your business, capice?

Links : Big Brother Anders


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Thanks for the great links Shelley. A moonfish I knew, but the sunfish was unknown to me. Ain't it superb one can just learn new things this fast? The web is one gigantic pool of knowledge, and I'll be a sponge. Sluuurrrpppp. I'm smarter already!

Off to the office now, kinda of slept too long, but still don't feel rested at all.

Well... saturday will be work.

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I've never heard of a sunfish, but I suppose that answer could have been correct too, but Beth was the first one to give me the answer I was actually looking for : starfish. Shelley and Ashley come in late but with valid answers...

OK... I've been working very hard today (no real difference from the past weeks) and we started moving to the office upstairs. I've been busy all day long, installing al cables that come with a modern office (UTP, telephone, coax) and will go in tomorrow to hopefully finish it all. On saturday I'll be able to attach connectors, move hubs and switches and test all connections without disruption operations too much.

If all goes according to planl, we can be up and running in the new - and definately more quiet - office by monday evening or early tuesday. It will improve the amount of work we can handle, at least that is the idea.



Came in around 09h15 and while working on the recently received list (new) one we already suspected that something was wrong. It seems our client has send us a list that is useless - and I'm very mild now. In just a few hours 28 technicians will be stuck, out of addresses and thus work.

I don't have a clue right now about what we can do ourtselves to fix it, but I'm gonna try and bring up some creative solution.

By the way... the answer to that last 'fishy' question was : blowfish. Yes, it's an encryption method, and even if you didn't know it you could have found it by asking google to give you sites about "+encryption +fish".

Funny thing is though that when browsing to or you find unrelated things. I guess the question was only intended for true geeks. GeekMan would have known the answer... I presume.

OK... here's a new one : it's shines brightly above our heads and... it swims (kinda). This one is really really easy, so everyone should be able to answer it. Go Go Go!

Elftor - the insane

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Ok, so it's september 11th, first year 'aniversary' of the attack on the WTC in the USA. What does elftor do? Go check it out here or here.

Oh... if you can't see the irony in absurd and sarcastic comics, don't even go there!

Too smart


You peeps are too smart... the correct answer was indeed Goldfish. Or maybe my riddle was too easy?

Congrats go to Ashley for being the first one to reply with a correct answer, to Joco for coming up with some very witty answers - although incorrect, The Mighty Geek for explaining the free market, and Alex for creating some very expensive fish.

Sooo... anyone wants another 'fishy' riddle? Here we go : It's heavily encrypted and can swim.



It's rich and can swim... what is it? You can answer it by leaving a comment, answer will be given tomorrow.

Shouting out...

to all my homies, and those not in my home. I'm sorry for not being reachable, not being online all the fucking time (hm... can one actually fuck time? I think there could probably be use for a word like "fucktime", as that would be when you are about to enroll in some serious fucking, but one can not fuck time itself. Time usually ends up fucking us, as it always catches up, doesn't it?), and not posting in forums where I'm either supposed to post, or want to post.

I'm extremely busy at work, but we are getting a hang of the new project and have been able to raise the amount of installations done each day. Friday we carried out about 30, today we got up to 90 I think (at a first glance) and tomorrow we'll be equalling around 120. Targets are set to 125 per day, but if we can 'un'couple some of the technician teams, we'll be able to do up to 150-175 a day. We've had a meeting tonite with our client, and they were most impressed.

I left the office around 22h00, went to have a drink with those clients and finally headed home around 23h30. My sister tried to reach me, but she SMS'ed me she'd get back to me tomorrow.

To Joco & Eef : thumbs up, and I'll be around whenever you might need me.

Fighting spam... once more

Yupz, after all the previous reporting, killing, filtering and deleting it seems not much has changed over the past months. Therefore I have reverted to installing Mail Washer (currently running version 1.33 beta 2) and it seems to handle spam pretty well.

For those more into the technical details, I certainly suggest you read the FAQ, download the program and toy around with it for a while. It can handle user created filters, but I found the use of the ORDB and Spamcop database to handle the incoming spam a very good starting point. I do get almost 99.9% of spam on one account and after running the mails thru Mail Washer, it correctly identified them all as spam, deleted and bounced them.

It's a sad day to have to revert to installing extra software and such to protect your own inbox, but at least this tool is easy to use and does the job so far.

Links : Mail Washer

Pain in the ass


Joco is being a pain in the ass :) First he asks me to come over, then he doesn't wanna stay home, but he has no alternatives about what we could do. I suggest catching a movie, to which he replies that there ain't anything good being played.

When I tell him he's being rather difficult he replies : yeah I know... solly. Can one get mad at him? Aaarrghhh! ;)

We're now off to just grab something to eat and a drink.

Cleaning out my closet

I'm not sorry windows XP, I certainly meant to dissect you, I really wanted to strip parts from you, but I'm cleaning up so much of the extra crap you come preinstalled with.

Yeps... Were you also wondering how to get rid of MSN messenger that came installed with XP? So was I and thanks to this site, I was able to uninstal it. I first tried to search the official microsoft site, but - as everyone knows - searching the extensive knowledge bases usually only results in things you either knew already, or don't match the answer you need.

Dating according to AXE


Now, where has the world come to when 'we' need dating tips coming from a deodorant manufacturer? Here's what AXE has to say :

The number one deal breaker for women when it comes to considering a guy for a date is body odor (77 Percent). Other factors include bad breath (62 Percent) and weight (49 Percent). If you cannot address these issues, consider an Internet girlfriend.

Although there might be quite some truth in that statement, I think they totally understimate the world and social community the internet has become. And to make things even worse, should AXE be able to create an way to spread deodorant over the internet during a chat for instance, I'm sure they'll drop the negative comments about online dating. It's all about the money... psssttthh... but you knew that already, didn't you?


Positive news : I'm feeling better, and the project is finally coming up to speed. Technicians are calling in and so far it seems most installations are being completed without too much problems.

In about 2 hours we'll have a first overview if everything is falling into place, have preliminary installation numbers and how much of those are completed, unsuccesful or cancelled. It certainly is hectic!

Blah Bleh Bloh

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OK... been over to holland yesterday to pay Joco a visit. He didn't break anything, and will be home again today normally. He sounded and looked OK, but I'm sure he'll not feel as good this morning.

The project is advancing, but we're experiencing some problems getting the planning and dispatching rolling as we expected...

Yesterday I formatted and reinstalled the new PC, but I somehow misplaced the driver disk for the MSI mainboard, and that ofcourse resulted in LAN not working, no audio and such. Hell, I just downloaded the drivers I need and will be hopefully be able to configure everything properly tonight. The weird thing is that I was so sure that I saw the CD somewhere, and it's nowhere to be found now!

I've got one hell of a headache - since tuesday actually - and I came in at the office early, took an aspirin and am feeling slightly better now.

Announcement - Crashed but survived

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I just received a call from my soulmate Joco. As I picked up the phone I knew something was wrong. He told me he had a rather heavy car accident just a few hours ago, and he's in a hospital in Holland. It was an accident including 16 cars, and if it wasn't for his safetybelt and airbags, he wouldn't be alive no more.

As far as I know right now, he'll have to stay the night, and be transported to Belgium tomorrow. May I urge everyone to give him the rest he needs right now, and if you call him, to keep it as short as possible. I'll keep you all up to date.

Good shit - Bad shit

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Arrrgghhhh... I just picked up the new machine at my fathers place, as I wasn't able to make it to the store in time. So far so good, and I gotta thank Dad & Hilda for the nice dinner!

I come home, and decide to give the ferrets some quality time before starting to toy around with the new machine. The loved all the boxes and just couldn't stop jumping in, over and around those. I might buy moer new stuff just to see them enjoy the boxes it comes in!

Now... more unpacking and here we go : One would expect when buying a new PC, and paying for assembly that it would come with a floppy drive, don't you think? Yes, it had a floppy drive... nicely wrapped in some foam. I guess this is DIY?

OK, so I open the machine, build in the floppy, and at the same time add the good 'old' Plextor writer as well. The LG DVD is assembled as asked, and it even seems to have all cables attached too. Good. Off to launching the machine then.

Nice letters appear on the screen, windows boots incredibly fast too. Hey, wait. RAID status functional, that seems OK, but it seems to be set up in striping, not in mirroring as I specified. Well... maybe I can change that later on.

Toying around a bit, changing XP back to the good old windows 2000 look, uninstalling MSN Messenger on the way I suddenly notice something else : Disk C: has the size of an astonishing 160 gigs! Aaaarrgghhhh... Didn't I explicitely state that it had to be partitioned???! Damn! Now I can start it all over again.

Well... I said that I would pay the bill tomorrow, but first thing I'll be doing is filing a complaint, and let's see about paying afterwards.

I'm off to bed now, as I am even too tired to play around with the new toy, or even get stressed about everything they did wrong. All of that will be for tomorrow.

Off to meeting(s)

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OK... here we go. Just received mail that the machine will be in this afternoon and that I can pick it up tonite. I've send off 2 people to pick up 6 laptops and our client will be attending the meeting/briefing this afternoon, and he assured us that he'll have the - so important - list.

Cross fingers.

Insert curse here


Went to see Spiderman last night and even though it was entertaining, that also is about everything that can be said about it. If someone would ask me what movie they should certainly see, spiderman would definately not be my answer.

Yesterday I got help from someone, and for that I thank them. Even though I can't and won't explain in more detail, this thank you had to be said. Now... still no word about the new PC, and it seems the table soccer team has become active again as mails keep on flowing in. People, please! I'm still reading those thru webmail, stop replying to everyone... crapheads :)

Still no word about the upcoming project and we're supposed to have a briefing/meeting in aproximately 2 hours. Looks like it's totally going wrong now. Why can't people just deliver what they promise???


I've got 20 technicians, fully equipped with car, portable and lots of knowledge, 1 fulltime dispatcher and 2 persons giving administrative support to the dispatcher and the technicians, but still no list of installations to perform. Right... what's wrong here?

My Desk : Phone - Bank terminal (test) - too much paper and technical magazines, 4 laptops, no external keyboards and just enough space to squeeze my external mouse between 2 laptops. I simply love my job... can it get anymore tech geeky?

Yes. Me. Nerd. No Doubt.


Yeah... we are finally getting somewhere. I should be going out with Jess & Johan, Michael and Sam tonight, we're gonna finally catch the sticky movie Spiderman, but I'm tired already.

Instead of 6 laptops, our dealer can only deliver 3 right now, we still have not yet received the list of installations that need to be completed before the end of this month - hard to plan things without knowing who your clients are - but I did manage to arrange for pick-up of two other laptops that are repaired. After tomorrow's afternoon meeting (14h till 17h or 17h30) I've scheduled another one from 18h00 till 19h00 and after that I'm off.

Memory modules should be delivered on thursday (cross fingers) and I still have to plan our move to the new location IT wise. Crap, I think I will go skydiving. I've never done it before, but if I'm gonna die anyway (everybody will, one day) I might as well do it falling from a plane instead of due to some sort of stress.


It's pretty hectic here right now and everything seems to be advancing, but not necessarily in the correct direction.

We've got 18 technicians that will start a new project on thursday, not all the laptops they require are in yet, the list containing all installations we have to receive from our client has not yet come in, and the security related installation planned for friday seems to suffer from quite a few hickups as well. Yes, we are definately going to make it, but I'll be a wreck by friday evening.

Yesterday I was watching "bottom" and I loved it, I wanted to tell Suzana about it this morning in the car, but she told me that her grandma died last night. And in that context, the "bottom" episode would have been rather inapropriate to tell.

Let's just quote one line : "Give us your golden teeth, you old bat!"

See... I can be diplomatic too... I didn't tell her about the episode.

IQ Testing

Last night a 'new' TV (second year actually) serie called De Nationale Test started. The idea is to test the nations IQ, and since I missed it last time, I wanted to play along this time!

I send off my profile by SMS before it started, and then played along while the questions were shown on TV. Now, I do like IQ tests, but these ones were either MUCH harder, or it just seemed like it 'coz it was not on paper but on TV. When you do these tests on paper, you can revert to an earlier question, but on TV you can't. If you think about solving a question later, forget it. You can't go back, nor can you remember all possible answers. At one point during the 60 questions I really thought "What the hell am I doing here?"

Anyway, after submitting all the results I received my score : 103. I usually score around 118-119 on these tests, so I was disappointed, really disappointed. However, during the second part of the show, the results were discussed, and the average for males was 98 and for females 96. I think that with my score of 103 I did pretty damn well!

Lol... maybe I look like crap, but beauty isn't everything - the test proves I got brains, now I just gotta use em :)

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