Strange, strange world...


Somehow this blog has become even more popular as it was before. The last few days I've been having above 30 unique visitors each day, while the average is 19. The most popular search term leading here is without any doubt "Rikku naked". Yes, the same Rikku of Final Fantasy X (FFX).

Too bad I don't even have any pictures of Rikku naked, as I do agree that she is one hell of a hot lady. So... everyone just read on, search the page, but you won't find it here.

And to that one person who was looking for "labrabors fucking women" : you won't find that here either, even though this site shows up as hit number 14 of 40. Ain't it bizarre that people search for the weirdest stuff, and end up at places that have nothing to do with it?

This either means that :

1. Google does a great job at indexing posts,
2. I have developed a very fine taste in writing posts so that they show up for strange combinations,
3. the search engine spiders are total crap.

Let's just presume it's because of option 1 and 2, that will make both Google and me look good ;)


I came here through bloghop.

MT automatically pings every time you post. MT has its advantages, yes? :o)

Hey Maria,

Blogger Pro also pinged automatically ;)

But I agree... MT kicks ass!

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