Discrimination? Indeed!


Hm... so I am bored. I really feel like kicking somebodies ass bigtime, and for no apparant reason. Yes, free and uncalled for violence.

However, even without any reason I can't find a reason to do so. Besides, who would I kick around? I can reach over to the next desk and slap my boss around a bit, but he's too good to deserve it. I can walk over to Steph's desk and kick the crap out of her, but she will kick back - not that it would worry me - but she also doesn't deserve it. Esther doesn't deserve it either, and Suzana who's always up for a good verbal fight is on holiday. I can't even have a good fight with her. Damn!

So... let me aim my arrows, rockets and stones to someone else. I'm gonna read the national and local news, something there has to make me burn with anger. Yes! I just remember something.

Last week, on friday evening in a recreational domain called "De Ster" 4 foreign youngster were harassing people, and when asked to leave they didn't want to do so. Police was called in and after interrogation and a search of their vehicule, it turns out they had the loot of 5 thefts in their car. All cases were committed at domain "De Ster" during that same friday. What's the result, the police let's the young criminals walk.

Saturday comes around and about 150 young immigrants invade the domain, to wreck more havoc, harras more people and force their will on other. I suppose that is what you get when some pussy politicians keep on closing their eyes for the apparent truth, constantly preach positive discrimination and rather annoy groups of people that do follow the law.

It's always the same... if someone denies an immigrant something (for instance a job) he or she is immediately called a racist, but everyone seems to forget that the x other applicants didn't get it either, yet no one complains about that.

People have got to learn that the color of your skin doesn't always have to do with how others threat you, but your attitude certainly does. How can one expect to be respected when they don't respect anything themselves?

If I apply for a job and don't get it, I know that someone else beat me on the tests, had better credentials or just managed to do better. I will not start yelling that I was discriminated, but I will make sure that next time I'm prepared.

Life is not fair, learn to live with it. If you can't do so, I'll gladly hand you a rope and you can go kill yourself. Yes, I am straight to the point, rude and blunt.

Nobody likes me, but I don't care. (LOL... people do like me... I think)


I like you and I would kick your ass !!!!!

awesome. I totally agree.

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