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Phew and such

Today's meeting went well, our technicians didn't have too much questions. That could however mean that we explained it all very decent, or that we were so vague that they just didn't grasp anything. We'll see next week :)

The meeting planned for this afternoon has been rescheduled to monday afternoon. This does set our plans back quite a bit, but as this will also push the deadline back, it doesn't really matter.

And now for something completely random : grey cows don't piss on blue eggs.

Vibrating Intrusions

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Fuck everything. I'm flooded with work, and I haven't been feeling too well the past week(s). I'm prepping a whole lot of laptops, organizing a new project that includes about 20 people, including technicians, dispatchers and such. I'm busy xfering data between laptops and the server keeps on acting weird.

I can miss about every intrusion right now, and the two kitten that do the administration here are playing with some new Nokia 3310 phones that just came in. Who said that women are, or can't be technology freaks? It didn't take them too long to first try to operate the phone, then run into troubles, revert to the manual, and finally to me to open the cover, install the battery and help them.

They both are babbling and giggling as if they just received a new vibrator and are (anxcious about) trying it out. I hope those 3310 phones have a vibrator function! (They have... I just checked - I'm gonna wake them both up tomorrow by calling them around 07h00...)

Boing Boing!

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Happy Birthday Ashley!


I just spend over 45 minutes online assisting Esther to buy tickets (for her parents) to see (yuck!) and hear (yikes!) Helmut Lotti in January 2003 in Genk.

Yes, buying tickets online is about the fastest and easiest way to go, but Esther made such a fuzz out of it. I actually have to admit that I didn't make it any easier for her to decide, as I kept on adding things, pointing out possible problems and such. I had quite a lot of fun, but she got kind of angry at me near the end... Hey, Esthertje... I'm sorry, but I couldn't just let such wonderful possibilities pass without adding some practical jokes.

Anyway, she has the reservation slips now, and if her parents decide to pay within 5 days, they'll even get to see Helmut Lotti sing songs of The King live. Now let's just hope that Block H, Row 4 and seats 11 thru 14 ain't right behind a wall, camera or something alike.

Tata Esther :p - Having fun with your colleagues is pretty enjoyable!

So fucking hot!

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I don't know what the fuck - yes, fuck... not that crappy f*ck or something alike - is going on here, but I'm sweating like hell. I don't know if hell itself can sweat, but I suppose it's pretty hot there, and thus sweaty.

Still no word about the new box, and I keep on getting fucking much spam thru my accounts. I'm gonna start fucking kill spammers soon. Real fucking soon.

This 'eminem-ated' post was brought to you by the Curch of Fucking Catholic Sheep.

Weekend review

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What I believed would be a boring weekend, turned out to be pretty good after all. I didn't do much on friday - apart from some virus hunting at Michael's place - watched a movie called 101 Reykyavik - about a mother and her son. I wasn't able to watch it from the beginning, but the three of them had some sort of special relationship.

It all started when mother left the home to go over to her own mother for newyear, and the son had a fling with Lola, who later on turned out to have a relationship with the mother too. There was a 10 second sequence in the movie that depicted very well how troubled some characters were. The son is asleep and starts dreaming. During the dream he hears and 'sees' how his mother and Lola make love. Then slowly his mother changes into himself, so he sees himself making love to Lola, and finally he sees him make love to his mother. That's when he wakes up, looking pretty scared.

I think relationships can/are pretty confusing, but I suppose they have advantages too.

On saturday I woke up shortly after 11h00, then fell asleep again and next thing I recall was when a call on the mobile woke me up, had more chats about the virus spreading, and finally woke up around 18h00. It's been a good long sleep. Went out later that evening for a short soccertable training in the pub, and went back home. Watched some more movies I think, but I ain't even sure.

Sunday came around, my sister called and asked me to come over to take some photographs of one of the turtles, 'coz it seems to have some infection on his hind paws. Joco called me as well, as he had been installing Norton Internet Suite 2002 - an official CD he got from me, as I'm not even thinking about installing it - and it kinda went wrong during the install. The Norton Anti Virus fucked up, and after some registry hacking I was able to delete NIS 2002 of his PC. Unfortunately, after a reboot, no more internet connection was possible. A rollback to the last restore point in XP solved it though.

Later on I enjoyed Blues Brothers 2000, and some watched some documentary about Rostock. Finished with the CI5 serie, a part of M*A*S*H and Who's Line is it anyway.

I'm tired now. Really. :)

Shelley : I know slutpuppy is not a common word, and I agree that they shouldn't care what I write on the card, but it really doesn't surprise me. Americans are so scared to be sued for whatever they do, they probably think the recipient will sue them if they receive a card that addresses them as slutpuppy. I have given up on trying to explain that it was a nickname, and decided to change to text on the card. I'll send the original text in another way to the recipient.

Weekend coming up

And can you believe I'm so not looking forward to it? Yeah, it's pretty bizarre, but it'll probably just be another boring weekend. I still don't have the new PC, hence will have waaaay to much time to waste, and I'm not looking forward to it.

What else can I do during the weekend? I could put new wallpaper up in my bedroom, but that kinda sucks I think. I could fly off to Africa and go on a safari, but I don't have the cash, nor the interest to kill animals for my own pleasure.

On monday Steph will be out of the office for 2 weeks, but Suzana will be back in, so that will kind off compensate. I'm off now - gonna have a drink - but I'll pop in again in about an hour or so.

Note to Pascale (UK)

Pascale, could you please send me a mail with your phonenumber? I tried calling you last night, but I ended up somewhere else.

I think the number I have is wrong, but I can't verify due to the fact that I still can't access the data on the hard disk of the crashed machine at home.


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I've received 2 more mails from the online shop. They already saw that they had to deliver to Michigan and not California, so that wasn't a problem.

However, today I received another note that at least 2 delivery companies refused the order due to the text I included with it. I wonder what's wrong with calling somebody 'slutpuppy'? It's a nickname!

Stop being ultra religious and get in sync with real life please. Anyway, I had to change the text to something more acceptable. :(

All in all I'm very pleased with the follow-up and after sales service of the company, so I think they'll get a honorable mention in the blog next week.


I'm stupid. I order something online, and fill out all fields to have it delivered, continue, then want to review something so hit back.

I fill out some extra fields, but didn't notice that some fields reverted to their default setting. I can only hope that there is no Grand Haven in California as well :)

I wrote a mail to [email protected] and that was a pretty big guess, as the site itself doesn't allow for feedback/complaints by mail. It seems they are only reachable by phone, and that is not that easy when you're in another continent... dumbasses.

BME Shop shipment

Last night I came home late and found the stuff I ordered from BME shop a while back. Two T-shirts and a deck of trading cards! Unfortunately, the Large T-shirt is certainly too small, and the 4XL T-shirt is waaaay to big. If I had combined the Large & 4XL I would have had two 2XL T-shirts, and that would have been ideal.

Hey... I've learned something. Next time order 2XL shirts instead of Large or 4XL :)

Discrimination? Indeed!


Hm... so I am bored. I really feel like kicking somebodies ass bigtime, and for no apparant reason. Yes, free and uncalled for violence.

However, even without any reason I can't find a reason to do so. Besides, who would I kick around? I can reach over to the next desk and slap my boss around a bit, but he's too good to deserve it. I can walk over to Steph's desk and kick the crap out of her, but she will kick back - not that it would worry me - but she also doesn't deserve it. Esther doesn't deserve it either, and Suzana who's always up for a good verbal fight is on holiday. I can't even have a good fight with her. Damn!

So... let me aim my arrows, rockets and stones to someone else. I'm gonna read the national and local news, something there has to make me burn with anger. Yes! I just remember something.

Last week, on friday evening in a recreational domain called "De Ster" 4 foreign youngster were harassing people, and when asked to leave they didn't want to do so. Police was called in and after interrogation and a search of their vehicule, it turns out they had the loot of 5 thefts in their car. All cases were committed at domain "De Ster" during that same friday. What's the result, the police let's the young criminals walk.

Saturday comes around and about 150 young immigrants invade the domain, to wreck more havoc, harras more people and force their will on other. I suppose that is what you get when some pussy politicians keep on closing their eyes for the apparent truth, constantly preach positive discrimination and rather annoy groups of people that do follow the law.

It's always the same... if someone denies an immigrant something (for instance a job) he or she is immediately called a racist, but everyone seems to forget that the x other applicants didn't get it either, yet no one complains about that.

People have got to learn that the color of your skin doesn't always have to do with how others threat you, but your attitude certainly does. How can one expect to be respected when they don't respect anything themselves?

If I apply for a job and don't get it, I know that someone else beat me on the tests, had better credentials or just managed to do better. I will not start yelling that I was discriminated, but I will make sure that next time I'm prepared.

Life is not fair, learn to live with it. If you can't do so, I'll gladly hand you a rope and you can go kill yourself. Yes, I am straight to the point, rude and blunt.

Nobody likes me, but I don't care. (LOL... people do like me... I think)

Almost there...

I'm close to ordering the new box, as I'm getting pretty fed up with not having access to the web at home. Here's the new list :

Case : Climax 219 (T)-Grey-Midi-T/300W-PFC
CPU : Intel P4 2.266Ghz/512kb cache 533FSB - 0.13micron socket 478
CPU Cooler
Memory : 2x256MB DDR266Mhz PC2100 (brand)
2x 80GB Maxtor DX740 2mb cache UATA133 7200rpm (Raid 0+1)
Extra HD coolers
Mainboard MSI 845E-MAX2-BLR (R) P4/->2800/3D/LAN/R
Leadtek GForce4 UltraTi 4200 128 Mb DDR/VI
Teac FDD 1.44 Mb
Lite-On DVD(16/48) (R)
Windows XP Professional UK



Last night I was watching a documentary about the universe and I learned pretty interesting things. They talked about black holes, how they are created and how scientists can find and track them. Did you know that a black holes are the remains of a star that died?

When a star dies, it explodes and implodes at the same time, compressing all the matter of which it consisted before into 1 very tiny center, usually not larger as a pea. However - due to this extreme compression - the gravity these small centers create is incredible. Such a tiny black hole is capable of tearing planets and stars apart, resulting in a field of melting star, and at the same time creating beams that transport the 'undigestable' matter into space, often crossing several galaxies.

In our galaxy alone, a few million black holes should exist, but scientists have only located a few right now. Right in the center of our galaxy one mean black hole exists, and it would tear the sun apart in no time, should it cross it's path.

Although very interesting and scaring a the same time, we shouldn't worry too much : if the sun or the earth get into the reach of a black hole, it'll be over before we even realize it. Hey... why not make a movie about it?

PIB : Planets in Black - yeah... the black hole's back! Nod your head....


Two engineering students were walking across campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?"

The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, 'Take what you want.'"

The second engineer nodded approvingly, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fit."

Whoa! Adventures Weekends make you tired!

I've had enough sports for the next 2 years! Yes, the adventure weekend was fabulous, and apart from some bruises, being very tired and every muscle aching, everything is great.

We left on friday morning around 08h15, drove over to the spot where we decided to meet, and left there around 09h15. Jess & Johan, who also brought Maarten & Enid with them were only 17 minutes late, but that was not entirely suprising :)

In the afternoon we had a 'small' kayaking trip of 10 kilometers, and although it was the same distance as last time, this time it was much harder to complete. We had to get out a few times, pour a whole lot of water out of our kayak - which had become a submarine - and continue. After arriving, we had a few drinks (non alcoholic) and headed over to the bungalow.

After having a whole lot of food - spaghetti - we did some games, goofed around for a while and started a night dropping around 23h30. Funny thing is that we only knew the dropping would take about 2 hours, but we didn't know what distance we would have to travel to get back. Upon arrival the guide who explained it all mentioned the distance we would have to go - if we followed the ideal route that is : 8 kilometers! Aaarrrgghhh... anyway, after we completed the trip, we were very glad that we arrived. Maarten did a very very good job at map reading and guided us without too much problems.

There is more to night droppings as just walking thru the night. It also includes walking thru very very dark woods, getting stuck in mud and getting dirty all over. Yey for sports :)

Saturday a game of paintball was planned, and that was fun as well. Very fun fun indeed, ask Joco, who was the first bear that we need to shoot 5 times... Lol.

Saturday evening a few other people came by and we had a very good BBQ, lotsa of Sangria and other drinkable things, usually mixed with some form of alcohol. Went to bed around 3'ish and woke up around 11h00.

Sunday = Challenger parcours, so we hung in rops, rode of cliffs and things like that. The Deathride looked very very intimidating, but the second you jump off, you forget the anxiety and fear and just enjoy the ride down. We finished by completing the Commando Bridge, but by that time most of the group had given up, so it was just Wim, Enid and I who completed it.

Monday meant leaving, having breakfast and arriving home around 15h. Cleaned the apartement, went to pick up the ferrets and crashed completely around 21h00. Phew.

Insurance and wildlife


I won't be updating for a while, as tomorrow is a day off, and I've taken a whole two days of vacation on friday and monday. Since I don't have access to the web at home, I won't be updating till early tuesday.

I'll be out swinging ropes, shooting paintball guns and kayaking during the weekend. Don't worry, I've got life insurance. And what concerns the rest of my friends, they too are insured, I hope.

Don�t Be Rude: Part II, Relationships


I won't copy the complete post by Margaret Berry, but if you want to check it out, read it here.

I'll just be commenting on this part :

Quaint can be endearing.

A few romantic niceties to help things along: On a sidewalk, men properly walk nearest the street. They follow women to their table at a restaurant (presuming that the host or hostess is showing you to your seat), but precede her in a crowd to clear the way, and take the lead down flights of stairs to act as a pillowy man-cushion if she should trip. They open and close her car door (whether or not she is driving), hold open restaurant doors, and hold out chairs. Advanced chivalries include rising from your seat when a lady stands to powder her nose, slightly raising your hat in greeting on the street, and dueling to the death when someone insults her honor. Perhaps nowadays you can get away with simply slapping the offender with your leather driving gloves. Times are changing.

OK... let's go over these points one by one :

1. sidewalk : of course men walk closer to the street. There's less poop.
2. precede in a crowd : it's the only way we can stear our current potential shag away from future dates, or from previous dates looking for more booty.
3. act as a man-cushion : it may seem like that, but we all carry large red flags and yell "ol�" when a woman trips and we jump out of the way, as if it were a bull.
4. rising from chair when she leaves to powder her nose : she's not gonna powder her nose, but take a shit or piss on the toilet. The only reason we get up is to avoid the pre-toilet smell.
5. duels : we'd also do that if she were not insulted. After all, men are nothing but neanderthals wearing clothes. And... the survivor gets to fuck all ladies.

Ok... anyone wants to date me? Nah? That's what I thought. Hey, at least I'm honest and upfront :)

OK... so it�s off


I just received word from Babs that she's come down with the flu. No hair dying going on that means. I'll remain the boring short dark brown haired dude I was before.

Otherwise I would have just become the boring short blue haired dude, so I figure it wouldn't have made much difference after all.

I come in early...

and the result is that problems just arise earlier. Right now the server is running a diskcheck, as it seems to have shut down last night. I hope by examining the UPS log that I can see what has happened.

OK... So far most people have voted for blue hair. That's fine for me, but I talked to Babs last night - she will be the one responsible for dying the hair - and she thinks it could be problematic as I have dark brown hair. The way to go would probably be to go blond first, then dye blue. She's gonna check with the shop today to see how exactly to do it. More info later on!

Shelley : green was not an option, but I'll consider it, not ;)

Poll : hair color


Since I'll be off for a full 4 days of fun and adventure soon - with a bunch of friends - it's time to dye my hair again. I usually only do this when going abroad, but I feel this might be a good time too. So... I need your help!

Help me decide what color it's gonna be! There's three options you can pick :

1. White (blond)
2. Blue
3. Leave it as it is

Leave your answer in a comment, and also why you picked that option :) I've had blond twice before, and it was pretty funny. Lol.

Long weekend and sea stars

I thought I'd never say this, but this weekend was just too long! Yes, weekend, too long. If you wonder why, here's the one and only reason : I'm still disconnected at home, as the PC is not repaired, and the new box is not yet ordered.

I'm not sure you can call it withdrawal symptoms, but I cleaned up, did some maintenance and other boring things like it. Ok, I agree... it's withdrawal. This also proves I don't have a life, but that doesn't really come as a surprise...

Saturday I went out to the pub with a bunch of friends, we attracted 2 new table soccer players for the team and even though they are ugly blokes and not young hot women, they'll do fine.

I asked Jess & Johan over for dinner on sunday, and they even brought a small TV set that they still had around. Yey for TV! I usually don't watch TV apart from the news, but yesterday I spend a few hours watching a documentary on National Geographic about sea stars. Pretty interesting animals.


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I just called a shop to check delivery times if I ordered a system today. Since they are closed next week - great start! - it'll be 2 to 3 weeks.

Now pardon me, but I can't wait for 2 or 3 weeks before the new box comes in! This is what I intended to get :

Maxi Case 340w (black)
Intel P4 2,266 Ghz/512, 533FSB, 0.13 micron
Asus MB P4B533/E/A Raid Intel 835E ATA100 3xDDR 6xUSB2.0
512MB PC2100 DDRAM
2x80GB Maxtor DX740 UATA/133, 7200 rpm (in raid configuration)
Extra HD cooler
Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB DDR TV/Out DVI, VIVO
Windows Home XP (uk) oem

I don't need a new monitor, keyboard or mouse as I still have those. CD and DVD rom are OK too, so I will probably put them in any new box myself.

This package would set me back about € 1820 - but the fuckers can't deliver fast enough :(


Last night I rebooted the box, and while it was booting up again, it suddenly went dead. I looked up as I heared the monitor power down and wondered what had happened. I tried relaunching it, but to no avail. Cold boot, reboot... nada... the box is dead.

My first idea was power failure, but when I try to launch it, the lights of the CD-Rom and DVD rom light up, so it can't be a total power supply failure. I just shut everything down, and went to bed. This morning, it - unfortunately - wasn't fixed, and since I'm in the office now, I'll have to wait till tonite to give it a more in depth look.

If it did crash beyond repair, I wouldn't be too happy, but it might be time to by a new box. I usually do so every 2 years, and this one is over 3 years old by now. Prices of new boxes have dropped considerably, and I have the money to buy a new one, but I wasn't planning to do so yet.

The only thing important to me right now is the data on the disk. If I lose that, I'm in a lot of trouble, pain and agony. Anyone who tries to contact me by mail now... be patient, as I won't be able to reply when at home.

Strange, strange world...


Somehow this blog has become even more popular as it was before. The last few days I've been having above 30 unique visitors each day, while the average is 19. The most popular search term leading here is without any doubt "Rikku naked". Yes, the same Rikku of Final Fantasy X (FFX).

Too bad I don't even have any pictures of Rikku naked, as I do agree that she is one hell of a hot lady. So... everyone just read on, search the page, but you won't find it here.

And to that one person who was looking for "labrabors fucking women" : you won't find that here either, even though this site shows up as hit number 14 of 40. Ain't it bizarre that people search for the weirdest stuff, and end up at places that have nothing to do with it?

This either means that :

1. Google does a great job at indexing posts,
2. I have developed a very fine taste in writing posts so that they show up for strange combinations,
3. the search engine spiders are total crap.

Let's just presume it's because of option 1 and 2, that will make both Google and me look good ;)

Babysitting duty...


Yeah... Joco just called me to ask if I could drop by later tonite to do about 30 minutes of baby sitting coz they have to go out. Of course I do! I'm very glad they asked me too...

I'm gonna teach that kid all kinds of things in that short period of time :)

Hm... it's gonna be late. Alex will probably be asleep :( I'll teach him how to sleep then :)

Kids are so much fun when you can teach them things, it always surprises me how fast they learn.

All your base, are belong to us

Wow. Just a few minutes ago, a BASE babe walked in. Now, I can almost see you wonder what the hell a BASE babe is? It was a member of the BASE (the telecom provider, previously know as Orange) business team, and she was HOT. Well, hot in a special kind of way. I've been discussing her with 2 other people and although she was impressing, one of them said her ass wasn't as perfect as it could be. Lol... As if ass is everything!

Anyway, she looked damn hot, but Esther thought she was a kind of a show bimbo, and I agree... but have her drop all the cosmetics, and meet her when she's not made up and 'naturel', and I'm sure others would agree she kicks ass.

Apart from that... the Witte Pipel babe was around when we went out for dinner too. It must be babe day :)



As I'm passing by - running around naked - and heading for the shower. Hopefully that will clear the fuzz in my head. I really really need to get more sleep tonite, or I predict quite some problems.

"I can see dead people" is not yet the case, but I can't be far from it.


I have pissed, down your pants
you have licked, off my hands

we together, are just one
but you can't grasp, what I have done

Step by step

Day by day... we're slowly advancing in the correct direction. Phewww... today has been busy, too busy. However, when looking back, most things turned out positive. I'm off to the pub now, to have a drink with David & Stephanie.

I won't be making it too late though, as I have got no food in the fridge right now, the ferrets need attention and I'm dead tired. Blog to ya'll later...

I was browsing some blogs when I stumbled accross Blog Anon. It had one particular post that was about Kob� Tai, who seems to have been married to Marc Davis (II), and that man performed in exactly 343 porn movies. He started his carreer in 1993 with The Worst Porno Ever Made with the Best Sex and his 'latest work of art' is Crime & Passion.

Now, all of this would mean nothing, but since Jessica Parker (of Blog Anon) thought he was the porn star with the most movies made, I immediately went searching... And yes, I've found someone who did more!

May I present to you : Herschel Savage. He opened his carreer - and some other things too I presume - in some unknown year with Sweet Temptations and his latest - porn flick number 467 - is Blue Angel, where he stars alongside Asia Carrera, Kate Frost and Aurora Snow.

See... that's things you just gotta know, don't you?! Gimme credit for such an insane amount of namedropping in one post, and let Google index that one ;)

Crash... finally

I finally feel like I crashed. I suppose it's a combination of the concert on sunday, and having 4.5 hours of sleep in the night of sunday to monday, and having another 4.5 hours in the night of monday to tuesday.

I must admit that I'm getting older.


in Service

This week, My phone went dead and I had to contact the telephone repair people. They promised to be out between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
When I asked if they could give me a smaller time window, the pleasant gentleman asked, "Would you like us to call you before we come?" I replied that I didn't see how he would be able to do that, since our phones weren't working. He also requested that we report future outages by email. I asked him, "Does YOUR email work without a telephone line?"

at Work (1)

I was signing the receipt for my credit card purchase when the clerk noticed I had never signed my name on the back of the credit card. She informed me that she could not complete the transaction unless the card was signed. When I asked why, she explained that it was necessary to compare the signature I had just signed on the receipt. So I signed the credit card in front of her. She carefully compared the signature to the one I had just signed on the receipt. As luck would have it, they matched!

In the neighborhood

I live in a semi-rural area. We recently had a new neighbor call the local township administrative office to request the removal of the "Deer Crossing" sign on our road. The reason: "too many deer were being hit by cars" and he didn't want them to cross there anymore.

at Work (2)

I was at the airport, checking in at the gate when an airport employee
asked, "Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?" To which I replied, "If it was without my knowledge, how would I know? "He smiled knowingly and nodded, "That's why we ask."

in Management

At a good-bye luncheon for an old and dear coworker who was leaving the company due to 'downsizing', our manager commented cheerfully, "This is fun. We should do this more often." Not a word was spoken. We all just looked at each other with that deer-in-the-headlights stare.

With kinds regards and mucho thanks to Nadia for sending me these fine examples.

Food for thought?



Ok, as you can see, I came round to hacking up the templates and started adding pictures. I'm not rushing anything here, but if I set this one up correctly, I will be able to change moods and sphere very easily.

At least, that is what I just come to realize. Need some more time to think it over and change some stuff around.

I've been working more on making everything XHTML compliant as well, but XHTML is such an awkward combination of HTML and XML it really is a pain to code. I've eliminated a few more bugs, but I ain't there... yet.

Update : As of just a few seconds ago, I've managed to make this page totally XHTML 1.0 compliant. It displays the way it should in IE5.5, Opera 6.03 and Mozilla 1.0 RC3


I feel pretty fine. This can only mean 1 (or maybe 2) things :

1. it was a pretty small truck that hit me,
2. I'm not yet fully awake and realizing how my body feels,
3. I'm getting used to it,
4. It was a show intended for old folks who would better stay their retirement home.

Ok, that was actually 4 things, I admit.

A quick visual inspection this morning showed only a few minor scratches and bruises so I'm off to the shower.

Or, as Ali-G would say it :

I feel fit wicked. dis can only mean 1 (or maybe 2) tings :
1. hit wuz da fit small auto dat spark me,
2. i'm not yet fully awake an' realizin how me body feels,
3. I iz gettin' used to hit,
4. hit wuz da show intended fe batty folks who would betta stay dare retirement turf.

ok, dat wuz hactually 4 tings, I admit. a quik visual inspecshun dis mornin showed only da few minor scratches an' bruises so I iz off to da showa.

Links : Ali G INDAHOUSE (Offical movie site)

Home sweet home...

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or should that read "Home sweat home"? Yepz... Eurorock is over, and I'm home again. Front kicked ass - as they always do - but it wasn't as fantastic as it could be. First of all, the didn't play the full 1.5 hours as planned, but left after 1 hour, came back for another 10 minutes and went off stage. If I can count, that means I'm missing 20 minutes. Apart from that, it was the same show we saw last time (don't even remember where it was) with a few other tracks.

What was very fair is that they did 2 Softcell covers, as they were replacing them.

The rest of the band - in a nutshell - sucked ass, athough Culture K�ltur was pretty good, though still missing some live experience. Inkubus Sukkubus was a band I didn't know at all (just like Culture K�ltur) and although some tracks were really doubtful, I really enjoyed their show. I think I'll be checking out some of their tracks and albums later tomorrow - or today, technically speaking.

I'm off to bed now, blog again in the morning. I'll be adding some GFX, more links, and do some template hacks to lift this page from dull and boring default to some more unique dull and boring look :)

Note : I already know that I'll feel like a truck has hit me and drove over me in the morning. Have pity. Or rather... don't. I know this is the result of seeing Front 242 live. I don't mind it.


Hell, it sure doesn't look like it, does it? This plain, basic, off the shelf, design just doesn't do anything. I wish I had the time to come up with some nice gfx, and toy around with everything a bit more, but I'm about to leave for Eurorock, to see (amongst others) Front 242.

I'm having a day off from work tomorrow, but depending on the situation, I might go in anyway.

Welcome back!

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Yupz, I've already changed the server redirection to point here, instead of to the messed up old site. Most stuff is online already (yeah, right! Not even by far...) and I'm currently converting posts dated around May 14th.

Total amount of posts is close to 600 and tomorrow is the first anniversary of, and I won't be having cake. But... I might put some online for all of you!

GFX and other things WILL be added later on, as soon as the conversion is finished, and I go around hacking up the templates even more.

Seems to work fine!

Yay for the MT import function! It works like a piece of cake - once you figured it out that is - and the power editing function comes in handy as well. I still need to manually edit about 500 kb of text file (about 250 posts or so), but that is due to not using the title field of Blogger Pro from the start.

Anyway, a rather large portion of posts is already published, comments seem to work as well, and before I continue, I'll have a bite.


I finally found out more information about importing entries from another CMS into MT. They documentation did lay out all steps to convert the templates and such, but failed to mention 2 very important things :

1. the import directory has to be in your cgi-bin (when you installed in that)
2. it's gotta be a .txt file as far as I can see.

Now, thanks to digging in the MT forums, I did find the info, and alas, the importing can start. Hopefully succesful.


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Even though has done a great job creating this 3 column layout, nor their CSS file, nor their index file validates as CSS2 or XHTML.

I wouldn't have been able to create the layout myself, but I did manage to fix the style sheet so that it validates, and have taken out some XHTML errors in the main index file.

Duh... lotsa geektalk, but I just want the best. And even if the content sucks, the least I can give you is a problem free look at that crappy content, right? - always focussing on the wrong things!

Moving along

I've finally started setting up Movable Type on another server, and hope to complete a move of all the old files, or at least a restart by tomorrow, as that would be on's first anniversary. This - my dear friends, readers and goofballs - is a test.

Test. There you have it. Test.

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