Wrap up for today

Went out with Joco to have our fishing permits renewed. Had breakfast - around 12 o' clock of course - with Joco, Eef and little Alex, and went out fishing later on. Joco caught a nice 8 or 9, I only caught 3 or 4, but I'm a lousy fisherman. Joco always yells "they're biting, they're biting" and I see the floater go down, so? If they bit once, they'll bite again :) Nothing to rush or hurry... I'm not there to actually catch fish, but more to relax, be near the water, and goof around with Joco. That's what fishing is all about to me... it's not about the fish, it's not about the line, it's not about the hook. It's about relaxing and having a good time.

It was the first time Alex joined us, and he seemed to have a good time too. Always looking around, seeing and experiencing a lot of new things, smells. It must have been quite an adventure I suppose. Joco recalled the time that when Alex was born he said : "in about a year he can join us when we go fishing..." It's even less as a year, and he's out there with us :)

I'm off to bed now, gonna finish reading a novel called Miss Wyoming (author : Douglas Coupland) and if it's finished early, I'll start reading "Life After God" from the same author. I don't read the translated versions, but prefer the original English ones... I don't think it is possible to really grasp the wit and sarcasm that the author put in it, and bring it alive in a different language. For those who are wondering now, English is not my mothertongue :)

Note : everyone waiting for an answer to their mail/IM/ICQ/whatever, you'll get one tomorrow. I've had enough PC time today, and not yet enough to reply to all the messages flowing in constantly. Not that I mind, but sometimes I just don't feel like answering. Blame it on the boogie, will you?

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