Suck or Cool?

7 Reasons why sales suck :

  1. All the good stuff remains at the same price, the old crap is on sale
  2. There's tons of people out, trashing the stores and not buying anything
  3. When you find something cool, your size is not available anymore
  4. You end up going home frustrated
  5. You end up going home frustrated, with a bag full of stuff that wasn't on sale
  6. You go out, looking for clothes, and come home with 2 books (Douglas Coupland - Miss Wyoming and Life after God) and a PC game (GTA3) that you've played too much on PS2 already - none of it on sale... of course
  7. A mass of brain dead shoppers really gets on your nerves, instantly
7 Reasons why sales are cool :
  1. You like fighting over every inch of parking space available
  2. Coming home with old stuff that doesn't seem to fit when you try it on, rocks your boat
  3. You like being part of a sweaty, stinking tightly packed mass of shoppers
  4. Trashing stores and searching for a matching pair everywhere is your favorite waste of time
  5. Long lines at the checkout are an opportunity to chatter about non important things with your partner, fellow shopper, or a complete stranger
  6. You like to be stress tested at least twice a year
  7. You simply cannot resist the call of reductions of up to -50%... so why fight it?
High fives go out to : Lindsay (1 act of fellatio - no further info known) - Courtney (2 acts of fellatio - no further info known) and last but not least, Leanne (3 acts of fellatio - she's related to and I hereby offer her a bottle of water and a glass). Thanks ladies... I totally enjoyed it! If you leave some more info next time, I'll gladly return the favor!

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