Politically incorrect? Bite me!

On July 19th 2002, the Belgian government decided to pay € 45.6 million, the financial institutions (whomever that may be) € 55.5 million, insurance companies € 10 million and the National Bank € 314.000 to 'the Jewish community' in Belgium, to make up for the stolen goods in World War 2.
Ok.. let's make a quick calculation here : 45.6 + 55.5 + 10 + 0.314 = € 111.414 million. Yes... over one hundred million Euro! According to sources, a commission should check all individual cases, and the money that is not claimed will be assigned to an institution that will be able to use it to benefit social, cultural or religious needs of the Jewish community. In short : whatever way you look at it, the Jewish community just received € 111 million.

First thing everyone learns in school is that everybody is equal, that you can't discriminate based on race, sex, or color. What does the Belgian government do? Exactly : money for the Jewish community, the rest can stuff it where the sun don't shine. Sure, I agree... the Jewish community did suffer during World War 2, but are they the only ones? Sure, I can understand that goods were 'stolen' during and after the war, but were Jews the only ones to be stolen from? If you can answer "yes" twice, without any doubt, I rest my case. If you think it over, and one of your conclusions reads "no" just once, you should see what I mean.

I'll probably get in problems because I wrote this, hell, I wouldn't even be surprised to hear from my ISP that they received a court order to take me (or my site) down. However, freedom of speech is a powerful weapon, even when used in a way that confronts people with a blunt and harsh truth most people don't want to hear. After all, this opinion is a politically incorrect one, but according to me, rather honest.

I've had it with employers being called racist when turning down colored people, even if they weren't fit to do the job. How about all the white people that didn't get the job? Do you hear them yell racist?

I've had it with being called a-social when saying out loud that the social security system is not going to keep on working the way it does now.

I've had it with parasites living off those that work for their living, get taxed way too much, just to compensate for everyone who sits on their lazy ass and collects.

Yes... I've had it with quite some things. Unfortunately, I right now have no other means to voice that opinion, as to write it down in public. I could scam the system, grab whatever money or benefits I could get my hands on, and run... but that would make me no better as the rest. I therefore continue paying taxes, obey the law and fit in. But I will not shut up. I will voice the anger inside me.

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