New ink!

Yes... I'm back home and the tattoo is finished! I'll post a preliminary photograph here so that you can get an idea about. Keep in mind that it will change when it heals, as the shadowing seems awfully dark now. They will lighten considerably, and the shadow doesn't include any red, although the picture might make you believe it does.

First view... Shadows will  lighten in coming days...
Thanks Jess for coming along, I'm pretty sure you've seen nice flash, haven't you... You were smiling and looking thru those books while your eyes said : "wow... nice tats!" Joco, Eef and little baby Alex dropped in too, and Joco even made a nice video with his new digital camcorder. I already received the file (5 MB) and it sure does look good. After reading his comment on the past post, I can tell (as if couldn't before) that he's interested too... However, I think he might still be a bit uncertain, and you should know, that when you are uncertain, don't do it. Tattoo's are not for summertime... they are lifetime. He's kinda worried that they might show through his shirts, and they might not accept them at work.

I've thought about all of that as well, and the way I've experienced it is like this : at first everybody wonders, wants to see it, asks questions, but as soon as they know you have them, they accept them as a part of you. Which it is... a tattoo becomes a part of you, and you become part of it.

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