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Calling out to all those geeks, nerds and other wonderfully wicked readers out there. I've been somehow challenged to find where the line "Perhaps Rabbit, perhaps" comes from. I suspect it's from an old cartoon of some kind, but it really is a guess. I've tried looking it up in Google and various searchengines, but to no avail. Of course I don't wanna go down and admit that I can't dig up that information, after all, the web is a huge collection of data, and the knowledge gotta be out there somewhere!

So... if you have any idea where I could find the information, or even where the line comes from, let me know in a comment. Yes... be intrigued by it. You too must feel that you are able to find everything on the web. But just try it. This one seems awfully easy, but it turns out not to be. I need help. Honestly!

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wow, that's really stoopid... i just googled this line, too... been saying it for about 2 years, so i have a feeling it's from some rerun or something...

can't believe there's another moron out there who is trying to figure out where it's from, too!!

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