Morons are not allowed on the internet

Yes. Bold statement, isn't it? And I'll stand by it too. Today I received no less as 19 mails on various accounts from someone called Graham (using e-mail address [email protected]) and all of them were send in batches of 5-6 every 10 minutes. If I ever meet that moron, I'll happily blast him off the planet. I've reported him to his ISP already, and I don't care if it is virus related, wether or not knows his machine is infected, or he is just too dumb to understand anything slightly technical.

Morons that have no idea about web safety should not be connected. I hereby propose that all morons are only allowed connections to AOL, and that ISP to be permanently disconnected from the rest of the internet. I will personally rename AOL to AMU (All Morons United) and maybe that'll fix the problem once and for all. Now, this moron is not related to AOL, but to BTinternet, a UK based ISP, but it doesn't really make any difference. I've filtered out his mail address and all new messages will automatically be dropped in the trashcan.

It still pisses me off though that I need to spend my time cleaning up the mess somebody else made.

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