It just started pouring down

Thunder rolling big time. I think it was a good choice to go cycling a few hours earlier. I don't go cycling that often, but after I returned from shopping, I noticed the weather was mighty fine so I got out the mountainbike and took it for a spin. We got this pretty large park about 10 minutes cycling distance so I went over there and cruised the park for about an hour. I wasn't tired when I returned, but just fulfilled. I did exercise :)

My sister just called to see if I wanted to go out to the movies tonight and watch Spiderman. Sure do... so off we are in a few hours. I'm gonna have a bite now, and entertain the ferrets. Blog to you all later!

Note : I've added a new read to the bloglist : Blog from a Dutch girl (sasha, aged 20) living in Ireland. Can it get any better?
Bounced off the list : Eternity, as Nicole brought her blog down, after running into personal problems due to blogging. When a blogger asks you not to read their blog anymore, please do so. Being allowed to read a blog is a gift, not a something you are entitled to at all times.

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