IT and why it is a major cause of stress

Monday morning. I have to fix the boss' PC because it doesn't want to boot anymore. I just received a portable that reports 'BIOS Chip (Block 1) damaged - Contact your service man. Serviceman : Insert the repair disk and restart the system' . I can't even service it myself coz it uses a very specific type of screws, I don't have a service disk and thus we are screwed. The bottom side of it looks like it has been in World War 3. The technician can't seem to remember what has happened to it, but my guess is that he put either on a hot surface, or left it boiling in the car. Either way... this amount of damage is not acceptable.

Our regular source for IT has been playing hide and seek with us for the last week, and I'm getting very very pissed off. Another IT shop closer to us seems to be on holiday leave till august 1st, and I fear this will be the case for most companies. Why did I ever think IT was fun?

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