High-tech woes...

I wasn't really bored or so tonite, but I did already prepare a test install of Movable Type on another server of mine. It did work pretty well too, except for some small quirks that I somehow managed to clear up pretty soon. I've already made a first test post, and guess what : it even worked!

I'm gonna log out now, take a shower, and hit the bed. It's been another tiring day at work, especially when an employee of ours who was working on some electrical circuits cut the power to some desktop and laptop workstations. Actually all of the machines experienced a dip, but the laptops survived fine (that's why they are called laptops I guess) and the sever was protected by an UPS, and it did the job.

We did however run into some problems later on when a printer started doing weird things and one desktop refused to cold boot. That particular desktop has had problems from the start however, so the power failure is not to blame. Even several attempts didn't get it launched but the second I opened it up, waved my screwdriver in front of it's chips and bits, followed up by a threat to throw it out, it gave in and booted without further problems.

Often low-tech solutions work best in an high-tech environment. I've been a field technician long enough to know things like that :)

Note : my BME shop order status changed from PAID to SHIPPED today. Yey! My stuff will arrived somewhere in the coming 1 - 3 months. The excitement! Can you guess what I bought? (3 things - make your guess in a comment!)

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