Damn hot!

Yesterday we reached temperatures of up to 27,5�C, and today we're expecting 30+. I really really don't like it. However, I went fishing with Joco, Eef and little Alex yesterday - although I didn't fish much coz I was too lazy to prepare a rod, so we just switched every now and then - and near the water, in the shadows it was bearable.

Last night we went out to our regular pub to have a tablesoccer training, as the new season will be starting somewhere in september, and we might be able to attract 1 or 2 new players. Both are very good, and it would solve our teams' player shortage problem and let us start the season in a proper way. Played a few games, had lots of fun, and sweat was just pouring down. I suddenly remembered why tablesoccer is a wintersport ;)

Today I'll be out in the fields, in the midst of roaring motorcycles, the smell of gasoline and dust everywhere. It's motor cross time again and I'm off with Jess & Johan to meet Bob & Hilda at the event. I just hope the sun doesn't kill most of the fun.

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