Damn! Am I pissed off or what?!!

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I've been playing GTA3 again, and right now I'm kinda stuck on the second island (Staunton Island) where I only have 1 mission left to complete before the final island is unlocked. Does 'A drop in the Ocean' ring a bell to anyone? The idea is that you gotta pick up 6 packets that are dropped in the ocean, then take them back to Donald Love.

Sounds pretty easy, but in fact, this is a very very tough mission. I don't have any problems getting to the boat, not even when driving the big red beast : a firetruck. Enough time left to walk to the boat, align myself with the plane that's about to drop it's load, and pick up the 6 shipments. Unfortunately, every pickup increases the alarm level by 1 star. When you get to the 6th package, you get a level 5 (out of a possible level 6, but level 5 is the maximum you can reach on this island).

Level 1 means simple cops, easily beaten. Level 2 introduces more cops, and you don't drop a level when you manage to hide somewhere. Level 3 adds 1 police chopper following you around, and taking a shot every now and then. Level 4 brings in another chopper, and at level 5 the FBI with their blue flashlights and flashy fast black cars and machineguns enter the scene. I pick up all 6, take out the choppers, manage to get the boat to the shore and get out in 1 piece. Jump in the firetruck I parked there earlier on, ride over to Donald Love like a madman, in the process slamming cars around, dodging FBI cars, crushing people. I arrive at the final mission point, drive the truck up the stairs and then it goes awfully wrong : While driving up the stair (only 7 stairs or so!) an FBI car slams into my truck, sending it into a spin.

Yes... unbelievable... the truck gets stuck between the borders of the stairs. I jump out - since I'm unable to move the truck back or forth - and all hell brakes loose! Cops and feds everywhere, running, shouting, and shooting at me. I decide not to try and fight it out and instead run to the back of the truck, to climb the stairs and end the mission.

At least... that's the idea. I arrive at the end of the truck - life being sucked right out of me due to the bullets hitting my body - only to find that the truck blocks the path, completely! No way to get past it. I turn, run to the front, but can't even make it halfway before I fall on my knees, deadly wounded, and while I hear an FBI car explode in the background, it's lights out. I was so pissed of, I just yelled at the top of my lungs : "Klootzakke!", what means as much as "Fuckers!" in English.

You can't even begin to understand how let down I was. First time (well, second time actually) I manage to make it to the end point, does a frigging stupid thing like that happen! I won't be playing GTA3 anymore today... I've had it for now. Maybe more tomorrow.

Oh, has anyone played the firefighter mission on Staunton Island? I did yesterday, and even though I think I read somewhere there are only 20 fires to be extinguished, I put out no less as 44 in one single play. Adds quite a lot of cash too... it made me around 247,320! Plus, evidently, I know the firetruck pretty well, how to skid it through the streets, take corners, crash into walls, cars, and people.

The Big Red Beast is loose.

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Hey, at least you can run GTA3...

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