Counting down

to thursday, 14h00. Next tattoo session planned. So far my sister Jess will be coming along and checking out the place (and the tattoo ofcoz) and Joco & Eef might turn up as well. It's gonna get crowded :)

Had quite some laughs at the office today, and in particular about something that wasn't funny at all. I don't know how hard it can be to fill out a preprinted form when you had a car accident, yet someone thought it would be 'wiser' not to let his employer know that he had an accident, but instead type up something himself, send that to the incorrect leasing company, arrange the repair of the car himself, and then sound pretty wondered when we called him after we got a proof of receipt from the correct leasing company. Proof of receipt of an accident we didn't even know about of course. Yes yes... that's how it's done... unfortunately, it is NOT!

So... correct procedure : have accident (not required though!) - fill out form, and have police take a statement if needed - contact employer and fax documents immediately - snail mail documents as well - wait till employer contact you back and appoints a repair shop - have car repaired - stop having accidents

Now??? What's so damn difficult about it?

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