Countdown to new ink

Yepz... approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes till I'm in the chair again. Completing the left calf, and thus completing myself. I took a long hot bath last night, already shaved my calf, as preparation for this afternoon. I should be cleaning up the mess in the apartment now, but I don't feel like it...

My right shoulder hurts like hell, and while I wondering how that came to be, I suddenly realized that I slammed the door of the car into it 2 days ago... that must be it. Phew... It's good to remember things...

Shelley : Nah... no cramp in her jaw, it's not like we're gonna have those 99 blowjobs in the next week... spread them over the next months will be much better.
Ash : Take your tiara, and rule like the princess you are.

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