Bake, crashing & blue lights

Yup, today proved that humankind - almost by definition - is dumb. But I'll get to that later on. Jess & Johan picked me up around 13h52, so they were rather early since we we to leave around 13h45. Drove over to the terrain where the cross was to take place, found a nice parking space in the shadow, and walked over to the entrance. Paid € 9 per person and walked in. We were able to localize Dad almost immediately and we hung around at bit. Walked the course, checked out different points to watch the cross and nothing much happened. Sweat, mixed with sunblock, mud and dirt just poured from me, with no real spot to hide from the sun in sight. I was already wondering whether it had been worth those € 9 to just get baked in the sun, dirty as hell and have no tension about who would win.

Now, I need to expand a bit on where the terrain is situated. It consists of a few hundred square meters, and lays next to a highway. When you jump a small creek, you end up on the highway. While another uneventful race was going on, we were just looking around and suddenly, a dutch driver - who was obviously looking to the race while driving on the highway, really smart! - went into a spin, another car slammed into it, and then a third car hit the rear of the second car. Now, finally something was happening. Almost everybody forgot about the race and red cross paramedics who were on standby all over the terrain ran towards the car accident. Nothing too bad it seems, but it did create a nice traffic jam. To make sure an ambulance was called to take care and check some kids that were in the second car.

15 minutes later a vehicle of the federal police turns up, two officers start taking statements of everyone involved. Two tow trucks have appeared on scene too, and the second car is towed. After another 20 minutes, the second tow truck leaves the scene again. Police continue taking statements of everyone, and finally - about 1 hour after the accident happened - the highway is clear of everyone. For now :)

In the mean time, not too much has happened on the cross track and races were still pretty uneventful. Some riders crashed their bikes, slammed into the ground, but no major injuries, and that's how it should be. After all, the sport is to win, not to kill oneself.

While one of the final races is going on, two motorcycles drive by on the highway. You'd think one might have learned something by now, or at least : not everyone can be a dumb dutch driver, right? Nope... First bikes passes, second bike is looking around too much and crashes. Rider and bike are separated about 150 meters when coming to a standstill. On site paramedics once again run to the scene, crossing racetracks to reach the injured one as quickly as possible. While some people clear the road, push the bike out of the way, the buddy has parked a bit further and comes running to his friend. About 1 minute later, an ambulance shows up. Yes... 1 minute, pretty fast indeed. They pull over and start taking care of the crashed motorcyclist. Not too much injuries apparently, but he won't be walking too much in the first days, as he wasn't wearing a protective suit, but just a shirt and short pants. Ouch! After another 10 minutes, another ambulance turns up, lights and siren sounding and pulls up behind the first one. What I thought appears to be true. The first ambulance one just came driving by and pulled over, but they were probably already en route to another - non emergency - call. The patient is transferred and taken care of in the second ambulance.

5 minutes later, the same federal police vehicle shows up again, with the exact same two officers. I'd think these guys would better camp right there. Statements are taken of the buddy, while first and second ambulance leave the scene. First one en route to the other call, the second one carrying the patient, blue lights and siren sounding.

And all of those events just happened because people see some people racing across a field that has been made into a racetrack. If you want to do off road, look around or crash, become a professional rider, get the correct bike, wear protective clothing and don't look around. Concentrate.

All things considered, it was a well spend € 9, too bad everything that was real eventful, happened off site. Next year I think I won't pay access to the track itself, but position myself between the track and the highway. After all, that's where all the action seems to be going on!

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