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Fuck and Fuck again!

Damn... as you can see, the site still is pretty much fucked up. I now also know why, and unless I have a backup somewhere (which I think I might have...hopefully) it doesn't look good at all. Apparently Mozilla has problems editing HTML tags in a textarea, and sometimes strips tags. That's exacly what happened, and now the template is stripped in the oddest places, leaving incorrect tags everywhere.

After reviewing the remaining parts of the template, I'm close to giving up right away. All image tags are stripped, javascripts have been removed, table entries have been fucked up. Maybe I should just take it all down, and start off with a clean slate, new XML compliant design and another CMS? I had been planning on doing that earlier on, maybe this is just another hint to really do so?


This weather is really starting to irritate me. It's way over 30 degrees right now, probably up to 33� or 34� Celsius (what would be over 92�F) and this is the only thing I can say :

"Well, opinions are like assholes, your Honor. Everybody's got one."

Note : It seems something went wrong, and the site looks crooked now. I'll be looking at it when I arrive home.

Yupz... even though it is monday, I will now be answering to last week's Friday Five. Something I've never done before, but Cyborgirl answered in such a honest and open way to the questions that I wanted to give it a try too.

1. How long have you had a weblog? My first post ever was done at August 4th 2001. This means friedkitten.com is almost 1 year old/young!

2. What was your first post about? About some headache, lack of sex and working on the computer too much. Read the virgin post here. Apart from the headache, nothing much seems to have changed apparently.

3. How many changes (name, location, etc.) of your weblog have there been, if more than one? It has been online at friedkitten.com (one of my many domains) from day one, and no changes in name or title have been made. It is still the same design as it was from day one, apart from some minor changes like adding a comment system and such.

4. What CMS (content management system) do you use? Do you like it or do you want to try something else? I've been using Blogger from the first blogging attempt, and since about 6 months or so moved to Blogger Pro. I've done some tests with Movable Type, but haven't been switching (yet). Making this blog 100% Mozilla, Netscape & Opera compatible is something that I really should do.

5. Do you read people who have both a journal and a weblog? Or do you prefer to read people who have all of their writing in one central place? I don't really follow journals, and most blogs I read on an almost daily base are scattered all over the web, and the globe as well. Most of them you can find in my (Blog) Links section on the right.

Now I know. Add me to dumb humankind. I just washed a loaded machine of clothes, but didn't see the ballpoint pen. The clothes had no problem with the washing, the ballpoint pen had. Preliminary results are : 1 shirt, 2 T-shirts and 2 pants under the ink. This is only after a quick check, while everything was still wet. More details of this disaster will be visible in the morning. Does anybody have a solution to get the stains out? Post as a comment, please!

Me slamming head into wall over and over again. The ink on my hands will come off, over time... I hope.

Bake, crashing & blue lights

Yup, today proved that humankind - almost by definition - is dumb. But I'll get to that later on. Jess & Johan picked me up around 13h52, so they were rather early since we we to leave around 13h45. Drove over to the terrain where the cross was to take place, found a nice parking space in the shadow, and walked over to the entrance. Paid € 9 per person and walked in. We were able to localize Dad almost immediately and we hung around at bit. Walked the course, checked out different points to watch the cross and nothing much happened. Sweat, mixed with sunblock, mud and dirt just poured from me, with no real spot to hide from the sun in sight. I was already wondering whether it had been worth those € 9 to just get baked in the sun, dirty as hell and have no tension about who would win.

Now, I need to expand a bit on where the terrain is situated. It consists of a few hundred square meters, and lays next to a highway. When you jump a small creek, you end up on the highway. While another uneventful race was going on, we were just looking around and suddenly, a dutch driver - who was obviously looking to the race while driving on the highway, really smart! - went into a spin, another car slammed into it, and then a third car hit the rear of the second car. Now, finally something was happening. Almost everybody forgot about the race and red cross paramedics who were on standby all over the terrain ran towards the car accident. Nothing too bad it seems, but it did create a nice traffic jam. To make sure an ambulance was called to take care and check some kids that were in the second car.

15 minutes later a vehicle of the federal police turns up, two officers start taking statements of everyone involved. Two tow trucks have appeared on scene too, and the second car is towed. After another 20 minutes, the second tow truck leaves the scene again. Police continue taking statements of everyone, and finally - about 1 hour after the accident happened - the highway is clear of everyone. For now :)

In the mean time, not too much has happened on the cross track and races were still pretty uneventful. Some riders crashed their bikes, slammed into the ground, but no major injuries, and that's how it should be. After all, the sport is to win, not to kill oneself.

While one of the final races is going on, two motorcycles drive by on the highway. You'd think one might have learned something by now, or at least : not everyone can be a dumb dutch driver, right? Nope... First bikes passes, second bike is looking around too much and crashes. Rider and bike are separated about 150 meters when coming to a standstill. On site paramedics once again run to the scene, crossing racetracks to reach the injured one as quickly as possible. While some people clear the road, push the bike out of the way, the buddy has parked a bit further and comes running to his friend. About 1 minute later, an ambulance shows up. Yes... 1 minute, pretty fast indeed. They pull over and start taking care of the crashed motorcyclist. Not too much injuries apparently, but he won't be walking too much in the first days, as he wasn't wearing a protective suit, but just a shirt and short pants. Ouch! After another 10 minutes, another ambulance turns up, lights and siren sounding and pulls up behind the first one. What I thought appears to be true. The first ambulance one just came driving by and pulled over, but they were probably already en route to another - non emergency - call. The patient is transferred and taken care of in the second ambulance.

5 minutes later, the same federal police vehicle shows up again, with the exact same two officers. I'd think these guys would better camp right there. Statements are taken of the buddy, while first and second ambulance leave the scene. First one en route to the other call, the second one carrying the patient, blue lights and siren sounding.

And all of those events just happened because people see some people racing across a field that has been made into a racetrack. If you want to do off road, look around or crash, become a professional rider, get the correct bike, wear protective clothing and don't look around. Concentrate.

All things considered, it was a well spend € 9, too bad everything that was real eventful, happened off site. Next year I think I won't pay access to the track itself, but position myself between the track and the highway. After all, that's where all the action seems to be going on!

Damn hot!

Yesterday we reached temperatures of up to 27,5�C, and today we're expecting 30+. I really really don't like it. However, I went fishing with Joco, Eef and little Alex yesterday - although I didn't fish much coz I was too lazy to prepare a rod, so we just switched every now and then - and near the water, in the shadows it was bearable.

Last night we went out to our regular pub to have a tablesoccer training, as the new season will be starting somewhere in september, and we might be able to attract 1 or 2 new players. Both are very good, and it would solve our teams' player shortage problem and let us start the season in a proper way. Played a few games, had lots of fun, and sweat was just pouring down. I suddenly remembered why tablesoccer is a wintersport ;)

Today I'll be out in the fields, in the midst of roaring motorcycles, the smell of gasoline and dust everywhere. It's motor cross time again and I'm off with Jess & Johan to meet Bob & Hilda at the event. I just hope the sun doesn't kill most of the fun.

Damn! Am I pissed off or what?!!

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I've been playing GTA3 again, and right now I'm kinda stuck on the second island (Staunton Island) where I only have 1 mission left to complete before the final island is unlocked. Does 'A drop in the Ocean' ring a bell to anyone? The idea is that you gotta pick up 6 packets that are dropped in the ocean, then take them back to Donald Love.

Sounds pretty easy, but in fact, this is a very very tough mission. I don't have any problems getting to the boat, not even when driving the big red beast : a firetruck. Enough time left to walk to the boat, align myself with the plane that's about to drop it's load, and pick up the 6 shipments. Unfortunately, every pickup increases the alarm level by 1 star. When you get to the 6th package, you get a level 5 (out of a possible level 6, but level 5 is the maximum you can reach on this island).

Level 1 means simple cops, easily beaten. Level 2 introduces more cops, and you don't drop a level when you manage to hide somewhere. Level 3 adds 1 police chopper following you around, and taking a shot every now and then. Level 4 brings in another chopper, and at level 5 the FBI with their blue flashlights and flashy fast black cars and machineguns enter the scene. I pick up all 6, take out the choppers, manage to get the boat to the shore and get out in 1 piece. Jump in the firetruck I parked there earlier on, ride over to Donald Love like a madman, in the process slamming cars around, dodging FBI cars, crushing people. I arrive at the final mission point, drive the truck up the stairs and then it goes awfully wrong : While driving up the stair (only 7 stairs or so!) an FBI car slams into my truck, sending it into a spin.

Yes... unbelievable... the truck gets stuck between the borders of the stairs. I jump out - since I'm unable to move the truck back or forth - and all hell brakes loose! Cops and feds everywhere, running, shouting, and shooting at me. I decide not to try and fight it out and instead run to the back of the truck, to climb the stairs and end the mission.

At least... that's the idea. I arrive at the end of the truck - life being sucked right out of me due to the bullets hitting my body - only to find that the truck blocks the path, completely! No way to get past it. I turn, run to the front, but can't even make it halfway before I fall on my knees, deadly wounded, and while I hear an FBI car explode in the background, it's lights out. I was so pissed of, I just yelled at the top of my lungs : "Klootzakke!", what means as much as "Fuckers!" in English.

You can't even begin to understand how let down I was. First time (well, second time actually) I manage to make it to the end point, does a frigging stupid thing like that happen! I won't be playing GTA3 anymore today... I've had it for now. Maybe more tomorrow.

Oh, has anyone played the firefighter mission on Staunton Island? I did yesterday, and even though I think I read somewhere there are only 20 fires to be extinguished, I put out no less as 44 in one single play. Adds quite a lot of cash too... it made me around 247,320! Plus, evidently, I know the firetruck pretty well, how to skid it through the streets, take corners, crash into walls, cars, and people.

The Big Red Beast is loose.

Politically incorrect? Bite me!

On July 19th 2002, the Belgian government decided to pay € 45.6 million, the financial institutions (whomever that may be) € 55.5 million, insurance companies € 10 million and the National Bank € 314.000 to 'the Jewish community' in Belgium, to make up for the stolen goods in World War 2.
Ok.. let's make a quick calculation here : 45.6 + 55.5 + 10 + 0.314 = € 111.414 million. Yes... over one hundred million Euro! According to sources, a commission should check all individual cases, and the money that is not claimed will be assigned to an institution that will be able to use it to benefit social, cultural or religious needs of the Jewish community. In short : whatever way you look at it, the Jewish community just received € 111 million.

First thing everyone learns in school is that everybody is equal, that you can't discriminate based on race, sex, or color. What does the Belgian government do? Exactly : money for the Jewish community, the rest can stuff it where the sun don't shine. Sure, I agree... the Jewish community did suffer during World War 2, but are they the only ones? Sure, I can understand that goods were 'stolen' during and after the war, but were Jews the only ones to be stolen from? If you can answer "yes" twice, without any doubt, I rest my case. If you think it over, and one of your conclusions reads "no" just once, you should see what I mean.

I'll probably get in problems because I wrote this, hell, I wouldn't even be surprised to hear from my ISP that they received a court order to take me (or my site) down. However, freedom of speech is a powerful weapon, even when used in a way that confronts people with a blunt and harsh truth most people don't want to hear. After all, this opinion is a politically incorrect one, but according to me, rather honest.

I've had it with employers being called racist when turning down colored people, even if they weren't fit to do the job. How about all the white people that didn't get the job? Do you hear them yell racist?

I've had it with being called a-social when saying out loud that the social security system is not going to keep on working the way it does now.

I've had it with parasites living off those that work for their living, get taxed way too much, just to compensate for everyone who sits on their lazy ass and collects.

Yes... I've had it with quite some things. Unfortunately, I right now have no other means to voice that opinion, as to write it down in public. I could scam the system, grab whatever money or benefits I could get my hands on, and run... but that would make me no better as the rest. I therefore continue paying taxes, obey the law and fit in. But I will not shut up. I will voice the anger inside me.

I am not addicted!

Damn! A part of BME (more specifically IAM) is down due to a server upgrade and I'm going thru withdrawal already. It could take as much as 36 hours before we are able to log on again, and I miss the community there. I am not addicted, I am not addicted, I am not addicted!

I've just submitted my first tattoo experience (actually 'bout my second tattoo, session 1) and I can't even keep myself busy by reviewing experiences. I feel disconnected :)

This is me :

Yes, I am 69.

Change of plans

So... off to the movies we go, but we didn't get to see sticky fingers spiderman. 3 halls were already sold out when we arrived, and the fourth was about to be. We didn't feel like squeezing ourselves in a distant corner, so we decided to check out Ice Age, and let me tell you this : we ain't sorry at all! Ice Age is just brilliant. It starts from the first scene, which sets the mood for the rest of the movie, and we just didn't stop laughing. Not just smiling, really laughing.

So, spiderman... I hope you're up to this. Ice Age rocks, do you too? I've just checked out the Ice Age site... it's fab as well... I suggest you check it out!

It just started pouring down

Thunder rolling big time. I think it was a good choice to go cycling a few hours earlier. I don't go cycling that often, but after I returned from shopping, I noticed the weather was mighty fine so I got out the mountainbike and took it for a spin. We got this pretty large park about 10 minutes cycling distance so I went over there and cruised the park for about an hour. I wasn't tired when I returned, but just fulfilled. I did exercise :)

My sister just called to see if I wanted to go out to the movies tonight and watch Spiderman. Sure do... so off we are in a few hours. I'm gonna have a bite now, and entertain the ferrets. Blog to you all later!

Note : I've added a new read to the bloglist : Nothing-less.net. Blog from a Dutch girl (sasha, aged 20) living in Ireland. Can it get any better?
Bounced off the list : Eternity, as Nicole brought her blog down, after running into personal problems due to blogging. When a blogger asks you not to read their blog anymore, please do so. Being allowed to read a blog is a gift, not a something you are entitled to at all times.

Full force ahead!

Sorry 'bout the recent lack of updates, but things have been rather busy lately. Yesterday we've come to an important business agreement, and the coming weeks/months will be used to set up important details and learn a lot of new things. It will probably also include working long hours, but it will be worth it. I've just woken up (had a good 12 hour rest) and I'll be putting in another 6 hours of work (from home) during the weekend, to prepare some things.

Rest assured, I am alive and kicking :)

Husband Shopping Center

A new Husband Shopping Center opened where a woman could go to choose from among many men for her husband. It was laid out in five floors, with the men increasing in positive attributes as you ascended the floors.

The only rule was, once you opened the door to any floor, you must choose a man from that floor. If you went up a floor, you couldn't go back down except to leave the place.

So, a couple of girlfriends go to the Center to find a man as a prospective husband.

First floor, the door had a sign saying: "These men have jobs and love kids."

The women read the sign and say "Well that's better than not having jobs, or not loving kids, but I wonder what's further up." So up they go.

Second floor says: "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, and are extremely good looking"

"Hmmm," say the girls. "But, I wonder what's further up?"

Third floor: "These men have high paying jobs, are extremely good looking, love kids and help with the housework."

"Wow!" say the women. "Very tempting, BUT, there's more further up!" And up they go.

Fourth floor sign says: "These men have high paying jobs, love kids, are extremely good looking, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak."

"Oh, mercy me. But just think what must be awaiting us further on!"

So, up to the fifth floor they go.

The sign on that door said: "This floor is just to prove that women are impossible to please."


Yes! Remember Eurorock Fest 2002 that headlined SoftCell on sunday august 4th? Too bad for the SoftCell fans, but they cancelled, and now Front 242 will be headlining! At first I thought a friend of mine who mailed me was pulling my leg, but it was indeed confirmed at the official EuroRock site. I pre-ordered my ticket immediately...

We actually thought this would be a Front 242' less year - no live gigs that is - but this suddenly turns everything upside down... I'm all jumping and bumping around already!


Damn... the tattoo is healing up very well, as it's starting to itch. I've been taken care of it very well, as I don't want to spoil the art that now alters my body, or at least the external of it. Inside I've changed too, but it's not visible for anyone but me. And even I don't always experience the change all the time.

Good advice : NEVER scratch a fresh tattoo while it ain't healed. Just gently slap it with your hand. You won't damage the scabbing that way, and be relieved of the itching. It's not something that I've learned the hard way myself, it just seemed pretty obvious to me.

IT and why it is a major cause of stress

Monday morning. I have to fix the boss' PC because it doesn't want to boot anymore. I just received a portable that reports 'BIOS Chip (Block 1) damaged - Contact your service man. Serviceman : Insert the repair disk and restart the system' . I can't even service it myself coz it uses a very specific type of screws, I don't have a service disk and thus we are screwed. The bottom side of it looks like it has been in World War 3. The technician can't seem to remember what has happened to it, but my guess is that he put either on a hot surface, or left it boiling in the car. Either way... this amount of damage is not acceptable.

Our regular source for IT has been playing hide and seek with us for the last week, and I'm getting very very pissed off. Another IT shop closer to us seems to be on holiday leave till august 1st, and I fear this will be the case for most companies. Why did I ever think IT was fun?

Shower & BBQ

I'm off to take a shower, take care of the new tattoo, and I'll be leaving shortly to the BBQ at my dad's home. I'm not drooling yet, but the idea of a good grilled piece of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, bread and a bunch of great and lovable people certainly brightens the day. Unfortunately, the weather ain't as good as it was supposed to be.


I thought of my own likes.I like dogs because they always stay in love with the same person. Your mother likes cats because they they know what they want. I think that if cats were double the size they are now, they'd probably be illegal. But if dogs were even three times as big as they are now, they'd still be good friends. Go figure. (Life after God, Douglas Coupland)

This answers the universal question 'Does size matter' somehow, doesn't it?

Good morning world.

I have returned from the dead. I woke up this morning around 4, and really felt bad. No apparent reason for it, and it took me till close to 5 o' clock before I was able to crash into a good sleep again. If it was the stupid birds again, I hereby give them their last warning : stop waking me that early, or I'll personally catch, kill and eat all of you!

Shelley : we have 3 official languages, and English is not one of them :) (Dutch, French, German)
Ashley : don't tell me you can't place where the line 'Blame it on the boogie' comes from? That'll be your new quest... who said, song or wrote it? This is a pretty easy one!

Wrap up for today

Went out with Joco to have our fishing permits renewed. Had breakfast - around 12 o' clock of course - with Joco, Eef and little Alex, and went out fishing later on. Joco caught a nice 8 or 9, I only caught 3 or 4, but I'm a lousy fisherman. Joco always yells "they're biting, they're biting" and I see the floater go down, so? If they bit once, they'll bite again :) Nothing to rush or hurry... I'm not there to actually catch fish, but more to relax, be near the water, and goof around with Joco. That's what fishing is all about to me... it's not about the fish, it's not about the line, it's not about the hook. It's about relaxing and having a good time.

It was the first time Alex joined us, and he seemed to have a good time too. Always looking around, seeing and experiencing a lot of new things, smells. It must have been quite an adventure I suppose. Joco recalled the time that when Alex was born he said : "in about a year he can join us when we go fishing..." It's even less as a year, and he's out there with us :)

I'm off to bed now, gonna finish reading a novel called Miss Wyoming (author : Douglas Coupland) and if it's finished early, I'll start reading "Life After God" from the same author. I don't read the translated versions, but prefer the original English ones... I don't think it is possible to really grasp the wit and sarcasm that the author put in it, and bring it alive in a different language. For those who are wondering now, English is not my mothertongue :)

Note : everyone waiting for an answer to their mail/IM/ICQ/whatever, you'll get one tomorrow. I've had enough PC time today, and not yet enough to reply to all the messages flowing in constantly. Not that I mind, but sometimes I just don't feel like answering. Blame it on the boogie, will you?

Morons are not allowed on the internet

Yes. Bold statement, isn't it? And I'll stand by it too. Today I received no less as 19 mails on various accounts from someone called Graham (using e-mail address [email protected]) and all of them were send in batches of 5-6 every 10 minutes. If I ever meet that moron, I'll happily blast him off the planet. I've reported him to his ISP already, and I don't care if it is virus related, wether or not knows his machine is infected, or he is just too dumb to understand anything slightly technical.

Morons that have no idea about web safety should not be connected. I hereby propose that all morons are only allowed connections to AOL, and that ISP to be permanently disconnected from the rest of the internet. I will personally rename AOL to AMU (All Morons United) and maybe that'll fix the problem once and for all. Now, this moron is not related to AOL, but to BTinternet, a UK based ISP, but it doesn't really make any difference. I've filtered out his mail address and all new messages will automatically be dropped in the trashcan.

It still pisses me off though that I need to spend my time cleaning up the mess somebody else made.

New ink!

Yes... I'm back home and the tattoo is finished! I'll post a preliminary photograph here so that you can get an idea about. Keep in mind that it will change when it heals, as the shadowing seems awfully dark now. They will lighten considerably, and the shadow doesn't include any red, although the picture might make you believe it does.

First view... Shadows will  lighten in coming days...
Thanks Jess for coming along, I'm pretty sure you've seen nice flash, haven't you... You were smiling and looking thru those books while your eyes said : "wow... nice tats!" Joco, Eef and little baby Alex dropped in too, and Joco even made a nice video with his new digital camcorder. I already received the file (5 MB) and it sure does look good. After reading his comment on the past post, I can tell (as if couldn't before) that he's interested too... However, I think he might still be a bit uncertain, and you should know, that when you are uncertain, don't do it. Tattoo's are not for summertime... they are lifetime. He's kinda worried that they might show through his shirts, and they might not accept them at work.

I've thought about all of that as well, and the way I've experienced it is like this : at first everybody wonders, wants to see it, asks questions, but as soon as they know you have them, they accept them as a part of you. Which it is... a tattoo becomes a part of you, and you become part of it.

Countdown to new ink

Yepz... approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes till I'm in the chair again. Completing the left calf, and thus completing myself. I took a long hot bath last night, already shaved my calf, as preparation for this afternoon. I should be cleaning up the mess in the apartment now, but I don't feel like it...

My right shoulder hurts like hell, and while I wondering how that came to be, I suddenly realized that I slammed the door of the car into it 2 days ago... that must be it. Phew... It's good to remember things...

Shelley : Nah... no cramp in her jaw, it's not like we're gonna have those 99 blowjobs in the next week... spread them over the next months will be much better.
Ash : Take your tiara, and rule like the princess you are.

Get a fucking life, will you?

In order do to at least something meaningful today, I've cleaned out my ICQ/MSN/Trillian contact list today. If you are no longer part of it, don't feel sorry. If you (re)-contact me, I might add you, but as you were removed, I guess we didn't talk too much anyway. So, be honest... what's the loss?

Can't handle the fact that you've been removed? Read the title. Again. And again. Still feeling sorry? Don't blame me, blame yourself.

The Ashmaster has just donated me 99 acts of fellatio, and said that she is the master, and rules all the other girls. I think the field didn't allow more characters, and I suppose she is indeed the master. Bow down or get down! ;)

Counting down

to thursday, 14h00. Next tattoo session planned. So far my sister Jess will be coming along and checking out the place (and the tattoo ofcoz) and Joco & Eef might turn up as well. It's gonna get crowded :)

Had quite some laughs at the office today, and in particular about something that wasn't funny at all. I don't know how hard it can be to fill out a preprinted form when you had a car accident, yet someone thought it would be 'wiser' not to let his employer know that he had an accident, but instead type up something himself, send that to the incorrect leasing company, arrange the repair of the car himself, and then sound pretty wondered when we called him after we got a proof of receipt from the correct leasing company. Proof of receipt of an accident we didn't even know about of course. Yes yes... that's how it's done... unfortunately, it is NOT!

So... correct procedure : have accident (not required though!) - fill out form, and have police take a statement if needed - contact employer and fax documents immediately - snail mail documents as well - wait till employer contact you back and appoints a repair shop - have car repaired - stop having accidents

Now??? What's so damn difficult about it?

Suck or Cool?

7 Reasons why sales suck :

  1. All the good stuff remains at the same price, the old crap is on sale
  2. There's tons of people out, trashing the stores and not buying anything
  3. When you find something cool, your size is not available anymore
  4. You end up going home frustrated
  5. You end up going home frustrated, with a bag full of stuff that wasn't on sale
  6. You go out, looking for clothes, and come home with 2 books (Douglas Coupland - Miss Wyoming and Life after God) and a PC game (GTA3) that you've played too much on PS2 already - none of it on sale... of course
  7. A mass of brain dead shoppers really gets on your nerves, instantly
7 Reasons why sales are cool :
  1. You like fighting over every inch of parking space available
  2. Coming home with old stuff that doesn't seem to fit when you try it on, rocks your boat
  3. You like being part of a sweaty, stinking tightly packed mass of shoppers
  4. Trashing stores and searching for a matching pair everywhere is your favorite waste of time
  5. Long lines at the checkout are an opportunity to chatter about non important things with your partner, fellow shopper, or a complete stranger
  6. You like to be stress tested at least twice a year
  7. You simply cannot resist the call of reductions of up to -50%... so why fight it?
High fives go out to : Lindsay (1 act of fellatio - no further info known) - Courtney (2 acts of fellatio - no further info known) and last but not least, Leanne (3 acts of fellatio - she's related to pixigirl.nu and I hereby offer her a bottle of water and a glass). Thanks ladies... I totally enjoyed it! If you leave some more info next time, I'll gladly return the favor!

Check out this game : Suicidal Puppy Throwing - I scored a nice 1685 (a bit over 90 meters)... can you do better? Throw that puppy!!!

Good things...

happen to good people I suppose. Esther returned from her 1 week holiday, and we all were relieved to see her again in the office. It hasn't been the same while she was away. We got good news from some clients, and are advancing steadily to completing a good deal. We also did another install of the software program we recently started supporting again (we had been doing it for over 5 years thru another partner) and it seems a bright future is ahead of us there as well.

If you keep on working hard, the tide does change... although it could take quite a while and some pretty rough waves have to be ridden first. We are once again full force ahead!

Note : A major server at the blogger cluster bit the dust apparently. I don't know yet when this can be published. Off to do some more toying around with other CMS systems.

Oh my...

Some people just don't read or check links, do they? :)
Joco, BME Shop doesn't sell vibrators, inflatable girlfriends or tanga's.
Jess, if you don't make an educated guess, you'll have to wait till it arrives.
Cy, nopez... nothing from the ::shudder:: medical section :)
Shelley : thanks for all the comments on Greymatter and MT. I think I'll give GM a spin too.
Ash, that is certainly not cheating... I'm just using whatever possibility I have to find the information I need :p
Maria : thanks thanks thanks! Damn... how come I couldn't find that myself? I even own a Whiney the Poop videotape... it's gotta be around here somewhere.

Need help!

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Calling out to all those geeks, nerds and other wonderfully wicked readers out there. I've been somehow challenged to find where the line "Perhaps Rabbit, perhaps" comes from. I suspect it's from an old cartoon of some kind, but it really is a guess. I've tried looking it up in Google and various searchengines, but to no avail. Of course I don't wanna go down and admit that I can't dig up that information, after all, the web is a huge collection of data, and the knowledge gotta be out there somewhere!

So... if you have any idea where I could find the information, or even where the line comes from, let me know in a comment. Yes... be intrigued by it. You too must feel that you are able to find everything on the web. But just try it. This one seems awfully easy, but it turns out not to be. I need help. Honestly!

High-tech woes...

I wasn't really bored or so tonite, but I did already prepare a test install of Movable Type on another server of mine. It did work pretty well too, except for some small quirks that I somehow managed to clear up pretty soon. I've already made a first test post, and guess what : it even worked!

I'm gonna log out now, take a shower, and hit the bed. It's been another tiring day at work, especially when an employee of ours who was working on some electrical circuits cut the power to some desktop and laptop workstations. Actually all of the machines experienced a dip, but the laptops survived fine (that's why they are called laptops I guess) and the sever was protected by an UPS, and it did the job.

We did however run into some problems later on when a printer started doing weird things and one desktop refused to cold boot. That particular desktop has had problems from the start however, so the power failure is not to blame. Even several attempts didn't get it launched but the second I opened it up, waved my screwdriver in front of it's chips and bits, followed up by a threat to throw it out, it gave in and booted without further problems.

Often low-tech solutions work best in an high-tech environment. I've been a field technician long enough to know things like that :)

Note : my BME shop order status changed from PAID to SHIPPED today. Yey! My stuff will arrived somewhere in the coming 1 - 3 months. The excitement! Can you guess what I bought? (3 things - make your guess in a comment!)


The blog will probably go down next week for an overhaul. I'm seriously considering recoding it completely and in the mean time learn how to code according to XML standards. I might also move from Blogger Pro to Movable Type, Greymatter or something else, but I can't remember the name right now. It all depends on how bored I am this weekend and how much spare time I have next week.

A new design will probably be needed too, but since I really am a sorry excuse for a GFX dude, I'm not yet sure about it. Keep your eyes closed by the time I relaunch next weekend, and it might be wise to have some shades and a tube of aspirin nearby.

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